Betting can be a difficult task at times. It undoubtedly has a fair amount of luck associated with it, which can put some people off. However, there are some things that you can do to make it easier to achieve success when betting. BettingTools give you a number of different helping hands to increase your chances of betting success. We’ve taken a look at what we think are the best ones around. So, strap yourself in and prepare to improve your strike rate.

Horse racing calculator

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world. It’s also the form of betting that is legal in most areas. With some of the most iconic events in the world taking place on the horse racing calendar, it’s not a surprise that it has taken on a legendary status in the betting community. However, for some people who are used to sports betting with simpler betting slips, it can sometimes cause some confusion. This is why a horse racing calculator is vital for both beginner and experienced bettors.

The calculator allows bettors to enter all the information from their bet and it will then output exactly what the return would be. This makes it much easier to calculate if a wager is offering good value. You will be able to look at what you are staking and see what you will get back, so it makes it much easier to budget for your bets as well. It’s not limited to only single bets either, so if you want to create different forms of accumulators, you can calculate your return for these very easily.

There are loads of betting calculators available to assist all kinds of betting, you can find all of BettingTools right here.

TV listings

The TV listings might sound like a strange choice, but they are one of the best ways to find out what sporting events are taking place. This will allow you to find out the top events for your betting needs. As most people know, when betting on sports, it is best to try and stick to something that you know very well. So, if you’re looking to try and win the Sky Sports Super 6, you will want to know when the games are being played so that you can follow along.

Of course, it’s more than just knowing when the games are, a lot of it helps for in-play betting. Say, you’re watching the Wolves versus Arsenal. It’s likely that Arsenal will dominate the game, but the Wolves may look dangerous on the break. If this is taking place and it looks like a goal is coming for either side, then you might want to place an in-play bet on there being another goal scored. If you don’t know when the game is being played, this is a bet you will miss out on as you can’t follow the game to place the bet. Of course, this isn’t just related to football, it can be applied to any sport that you want to bet on. Cricket, rugby, golf and tennis all have in-play betting options available for players.

Stats websites

Did you know that almost every sportsbook in the world uses stats websites? This is how they calculate their odds. In every sport from the Premier League to the PGA Tour, stats websites are used to decide how likely something is to happen and what odds to offer to players. These sites aren’t just useful for sportsbooks though. Bettors can also get a lot of benefit from these sites if they know how to use them. It’s not just for mathematicians at this point, there are sites out there that offer the stats themselves and analyse them for you.

If you are serious about betting and trying to win on a regular basis, then a subscription to a stats betting site is worth its weight in gold. It will allow you to view which bets are most likely to take place and then work out if the odds offer good value. Of course, it doesn’t end here. Most players understand that the odds offered are unlikely to give value right away. However, if the stats at the start of the game show something is likely to happen, it is likely to take place at any point in the game. As such, the in-play odds will likely offer improved value the longer you leave it to place the bet. This is what many successful bettors will do as they can find much better value this way.