Betting Bots

Written by: Brian Webb
Updated: July 20, 2024

In this section of the website, I am going to show you just how easy it is to create a betting bot. You don’t have to be a programming wizzkid or even have much knowledge of programming to begin with.

It’s great fun automating your betting, freeing up your time to go and do other things. There are so many things to try in play and if you put enough work in, it can be very profitable.

Creating a Bot

Automated betting is a lot of fun and creating a bot is not limited to the super geeks nowadays. I have played around with various types of bots and I didn’t have much technical knowledge to start with. There are 3 main ways of getting a bot together and they are:

1) Using some third party software like Bet Angel or Gruss where the programming is done for you and you customise the integrated command to suit your strategy.

2) Using an excel triggered spread sheet in conjunction with Gruss to give extra flexibility but requires some programming knowledge or a desire to learn.

3) Connecting to the Betfair API yourself. This will obviously give you the most flexibility but does require a sound knowledge of programming.

If you don’t have any knowledge of programming or Excel commands then it would be best for you to try the excellent built-in commands for creating bots in applications like Bet angel and Gruss. You can trade to your heart’s content at the odds you specify and even create stop losses and all kinds of other rules. Here is a link to Gruss where you can download their software and try it free for 30 days. After that, it’s £6 a month. If you are a little more advanced or ambitious than this then you’d be best off trying Gruss’s Excel integrated functionality.

Here you can set Gruss to load up every horse race or football match and based on certain trigger commands can get the spreadsheet to place bets for you in from your Betfair account. You can make all sort of crazy rules to trigger these bets or to lay off and it’s a lot of fun watching the sheet do all the work as the race unfolds in real time. Here is an example spreadsheet that scalps (back and lay for one tick) in the horse racing markets. There are lots of others in this forum too and they are all easily customisable so let me know if you need help with one.

Even more advanced than this and providing even more flexibility with your bots is connecting to Betfair (Via the API) yourself by using your own programming code. There are various languages you can use e.g. ASP.NET, C #, Ruby etc. The one I have tried though is php. Firstly, because my programming skills are very basic and secondly because I found some already created example files on the Betfair’s API forum.

Here is a link to the PHP code and include files you need to do this. The example here places and cancels bets on football matches as an example but you can modify it to suit your betting bot requirements. The example.php is all you need to modify. I managed to modify this to lay 1.01 in every tennis market as soon as it was created and I have also managed to make bets on the football based on ratings devised in my own database. Again let me know if you would like help with any of this.

If you don’t have a website or web space then I believe you can download something like XAMPP and create a localhost on your computer to run the code kind of other software but I created my own webpage on a server and ran it from there, using cpanels built-in cron functionality to time when I wanted to automatically run the code.

If you need any help creating your bot then let me know by either emailing me or posting in the forum.

What are Sports Betting Bots?

You might be interested to know what gambling bots are and how they align with any betting strategy. Sports betting bots are software programs which have been developed to analyze a raft of data in the online gambling world. This analysis gives you a range of probabilities and them compares these probabilities to the odds available at online bookies. If the probability of a match or a sporting event is greater than the implied odds, the betting bot’s legal software will put the outcome up as a recommended wager.

Automated betting bots, whether they are casino bots or sports betting bots, are becoming increasingly common in the online betting world. You can choose to subscribe to a particular bot if you like the look of it, but the prices and quality of the options vary wildly. Of course, the most important thing you need to consider is the results, that is what it all comes down to. Betting software, with the advancement of AI, is more sophisticated than ever before.

You need to bear in mind that these bots collect thousands of data points so they can assess the probability of an event occurring, such as will Chelsea get more than two yellow cards in a game or will Manchester United get more than 10 corners in a game. This opens up numerous opportunities for bettors which could prove profitable in the long run.

Automated bots, in sports betting or online casinos, won’t make a bet recommendation if the betting site odds accurately reflect this probability. Bots will only put up value wagers, where the probability is greater than the odds. This is the biggest benefit of using software like this.

Brian is the owner of BettingTools, he has decades of experience in horse racing betting and the best ways to utilize betting tools and calculators. Brian’s vision is to provide a comprehensive resource for bettors, offering sophisticated tools combined with expert advice to enhance betting strategies. He has a passion for horse racing and soccer and a commitment to helping others gain knowledge and succeed in sports betting.