Flashscores Review

Flashscores.co.uk is the best sporting lives scores and results service on the internet. It has up to date second by second scores and results for popular sports like Football, Tennis, Cricket and Rugby from all round the world. It lists scores for some football matches in countries I didn’t even know existed. There are apparently latest scores from 500 Football competitions from almost 100 countries!

It is also has sections for a lot of American sports like Baseball and American Football.  There is a section for other sports too and it has now added Darts scores to its service which is something that will please a number of the rapidly growing darts fans.

If you register on the site you can update ‘my leagues’ and narrow your view down to the countries/leagues that you are interested in only.

There are also details such as goal scorers, cards and odds comparison available on the site and links to tables showing the recent form stats of all the teams.

We just wish they did an app version of the site as viewing the website on your phone isn’t always that easy and you have to zoom in a lot. We’ve also found it struggling to load over 3G sometimes but this is probably because it uses flash.  I think it needs to provide this to compete in the ever-growing and already competitive mobile market.

This is a very small gripe though and something which we’re sure will soon be implemented for this superb website.