New football betting software footbe is one of the best betting tools we’ve seen to date here at BettingTools. It’s a must-have betting tool not just for football bettors but football enthusiasts in general. It saves us and some of our tipsters so much time when looking for bets and for stats to back up bets that we like.

The software includes all the important fixtures, tables, form information and goal scoring stats from the major European Leagues. It’s early days yet but we are expecting to show improved betting results too because we have such easy access to more data than we’d usually take into account.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Easy access & sorting of football stats from 9 major European leagues inc. England, Italy, Spain
  • Stats updated almost in real-time
  • Can see the form, line ups, injuries and suspension information very easily
  • Record bets alongside bookmaker and keep track of your profit/loss
  • Prediction algorithm which takes into account your expertise and team formation variations
  • Unique player rating system

What you won’t find on the site, but you will find here on BettingTools, is a comprehensive free betting calculator if you do need to work out the odds before putting your bet down.

You can record your bets using footbe listed against pretty much every bookmaker you’ve ever heard of (over 40 bookies). The way you set about achieving this is not the most intuitive but a help is going to be made available and once you figure it out for the first time it becomes second nature afterwards. You basically need to create an empty ticket and then click into the fixture you want to make a bet on and click the tck button.

Footbe Review

Great presentation of key betting stats

Footbe is almost Championship Manager-like in its presentation and the general usability is brilliant. With lots of juicy football data given to you in one easily sortable application which is launched from your desktop footbe, it removes the inconvenience of clicking through various websites to find the betting information you need. Users of the tennis software OnCourt will appreciate just how valuable a desktop application like this is and Footbe is another league above that to be honest.

Stats from as far back as 2010 are available

Footbe doesn’t yet have access to the multitude of stats seen on websites like but there’s plenty of scope to include more and I believe the creators are potentially looking at adding corner stats soon. Although the software has only launched this year their database includes statistics as far back as 2010 with match date, transfer and best XI information all available.

Provides Statistical Predictions

Here at BettingTools we particularly like the information given about certain trends when you click on a fixture. For example, it might have the likes of “Newcastle haven’t won away for 7 matches” or “Liverpool 6 games unbeaten”. Further to this footbe gives you a statistical prediction of the possible match outcomes in the form of a percentage. We trialled this for 3 different match weeks from the Premier League (which was 30 bets) and the predictions returned a profit of 8 units to 10 unit level stakes. This was a return of 2.58%.

Considering many of the predictions gave the draw as the value bet and that the Premier League hasn’t seen many draws in recent times this return is pretty good indeed. The predictions faired even better using Kelly Stakes with an impressive return of over 30%. We’re not totally convinced about the accuracy of the percentages however as in a few cases the draw was over 40% (odds of 2.5 and under) and this kind of price is only usually seen in dodgy Italian matches! So far though, you can’t argue with the results and the predictions seem a good indication of where the value lies.

Free to download and use

The Footbe application is currently in beta testing and is free to download and use for the English Premier League only. Full use of the software isn’t free forever however and although the main features will be free to use you will need to subscribe to get full access and faster updates. If you decide to subscribe while the software is in beta mode you can get a 50% discount. One month’s subscription will cost you £10 instead of £20 and signing up for 3 months will only cost you £24 with this going up to £48 at the end of the beta stage.

Overall footbe is highly recommended and well worth the small cost.