Green All Over – Blog Review

Green All Over website

There are lots of betting related blogs on the internet but probably the best known is Green All Over with over 600,000 hits at the time of writing. Its author Cassini has documented his journey from nearly losing his initial deposit of £100 to turning it into a six figure sum. Many a reader have read the first blog post up to the present day and found it to be one of the most educational and valuable betting resources on the internet.

This isn’t your usual profit and loss blog and offers many insights into the world of betting and in particular trading. Cassini is a true student of the betting game and there’s very little he doesn’t know about his specialist subject.

Green All Over is usually updated at least a couple of times a week and it’s not just the betting related content that makes it popular. Cassini has a very witty and dry sense of humour and this adds some much-needed relief to what can be a very serious sounding subject. He’s been known to give his thoughts on a wide range of subjects including some loosely related to betting like the stock market and politics.

Cassini champions trading in play particularly on team sports with markets that have good liquidity but that are far from the most popular. His favourites are Basketball and NFL and he makes no secret of the fact that his strategy largely involves laying low when a market shows signs of greed.

In addition to the blog Cassini also has his own tipping service. His XX draws are his main product and have produced a good profit every season since they were launched.  Since they began in 2009 the XX Draws have amassed an ROI of nearly 10% from over 800 selections. Cassini uses his own rating system to determine his bets and they are completely objective.

You can track the performance of the XX draws and other professional tipping services like Drawmaster, Football Elite, The Football Analyst and several amateur tipsters in the Friendly Tipster League. The FTL is run by Cassini with table updates and summaries posted on his blog. It is however not so friendly these days with money now at stake and the top 3 taking an appropriate slice of the £25 entry fees.

Cassini’s writing style is authoritative and at times borders on arrogant. He doesn’t mince his words and some of his posts are almost confrontational. These kind of posts are entertaining as proved by the ‘Cassini v Iverson‘ post which is one of his most viewed pages on his site but there is always a valid point to be made.

It’s very difficult to come out on top in a heated debate with Cassini but if you do find yourself embroiled in one, stay hydrated.