Gruss – Betting Assistant Review

Gruss Betting Assistant Review

One of the most exciting things about exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq is that they allow you to connect directly to their API system and to bet automatically using 3rd party software or even your own code. For the majority of us writing our own code to do this is not within our levels of expertise but luckily there are third-party applications out there who do this for you. Gruss’s Betting Assistant software application is one of the very best out there and excellent value for money at just £6 month or £60 for the year.

Low cost solution for automated betting and trading

Created by Brothers Gary and Mark in 2004, Betting assistant is an excellent low-cost solution for people looking to take their betting or trading to the next level. Whether you just want faster refresh rates of the odds available (Betfair’s are very slow), to be able to green up with one click or you want to completely automate your betting or trading activity, Gruss can almost certainly improve your betting experience. Betting Assistant compatible with all the latest Windows operating systems from XP onwards and is very straightforward to install and get working.

Gruss’s software looks a bit techie and I can see many being put off by its slightly unpolished look but give yourself a little time to figure out the software and you’ll reap the rewards. There’s all sort of functionality built into the standard settings. Betting Assistant allows you to lay the field or lay at any odds criteria you wish and functionality in the form of terms familiar to stock market investors like stop losses, trailing stop losses and fill or kill functionality are also available. Using Gruss will really get your mind working overtime thinking about new strategies and possibilities.

Speed is crucial most in play trading and those who have attempted to bet in play on the horses will know that it’s pretty much impossible using the Betfair interface. Software like Gruss is definitely advised if you plan to trade horse racing in running. Gruss also has in-built functionality for dutching and a very useful ladder interface showing the full depth of the markets for those that like their trading.

Huge time-saving with automation

Most bettors quickly learn that it’s easier to find an edge trading in play but this often comes with a huge time cost and if you can automate some or all of your trading that can only be a good thing. There are some who will claim that they can’t automate their trading because much of it is based on gut feel or instinct but much of this ‘instinct’ will be based on things that can be quantified. Things like the start price of the selection, time remaining, the quality of the event etc. are all possible to track. With a little hard work and you could find yourself increasing your profits by removing emotion and temptations to cut winning bets/trades early.

If the standard functionality isn’t customisable enough for you then there is an option to connect to excel too. Here you can set your own triggers just by writing simple formulae in certain cells. This sounds more complicated than it is and it is something I managed to pick up pretty quickly despite knowing little code and not being proficient in excel.

Excel integration for added flexibility

Again the spreadsheet also looks a little daunting as when you load up a blank excel sheet by selecting “log current prices” using the software, the sheet becomes full of market data. It is however, only 3 fields that need updating for you to get your conditional bets working. These are stake, odds and trigger which is the conditions that need to be met for your bet to be fired into the market. You can see these marked in red in the screenshot below and your trigger could simply be a range of odds you want to lay at. So in pseudo code you’d say if odds are less than 1.3 output “LAY” and that is your trigger. The trigger only ever needs to output the words “BACK” or “LAY” when your conditions are met and this fires your bet at the odds and stake specified.

It’s a simple as that and it will only be as complex as you want your trigger to be really. If you are struggling with creating simple formulas in excel then Google is your friend as they say but you can also post a message on Gruss forum for help specific to the software. There are many members who are glad to help out and Gary himself often responds directly too.

Gruss Excel Sheet

Help manual could be better

So, what are the downsides to Gruss? Well there aren’t many in all honesty. As is common with developers the help manual isn’t as informative as it could be. I think ideally Gruss are in need with a technical author to make a proper job of the help manual but in many ways the help provided on the forum makes up for this short fall. One has to remember that the software is only £6 a month though and the type of people who will benefit most from a third-party API product like Gruss will be the intuitive type who are happy to learn about the software themselves.

Free 30-day trial

You can trial Betting Assistant free for 30-days which is plenty of time to decide whether the software is for you or not.

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