Horse Racing Betting Tips

When it comes to horse racing, you will rarely find a person who follows the activity just for the sake of it. And indeed, horse races are rather short and if you haven’t placed any bets, you will lose interest in watching them after a couple of rounds.

In other words, the majority of horse racing fans have become attracted to the activity thanks to the possibility of monetizing their horse racing knowledge combined with their gut feeling. Moreover, nowadays you don’t even have to watch the races in order to bet on them.

For example, try visiting any online gaming platform like from your mobile device and you’ll see that all the options and your most-loved features are available. Now that you know you can place your bets no matter where you are, it’s time to learn how!

Meet the Horses

In order to prosper in horse racing betting, you’ll need to bet on the winning horse. Yet, to be able to do so, you first need to find out all about the horses that run a race — what their breed is, how young they are, how many races they have won, and more.

All these details are very important and can help you get an idea which horse has the best chances of winning. Furthermore, if you get a chance, try to spend some time with horses outside the racetrack. In order to be able to recognize a horse in good shape, you need to get acquainted with the animal in its natural surroundings.

Check the Jockeys

A thorough background check shouldn’t be done only on the horses but on the jockeys as well. After all, without the jockeys, horses would be guided by their instincts which wouldn’t necessarily be great for their chances of winning a race.

To perform an assessment on a jockey, you should consider going through a similar process like the one you used for examining the horses and learn all there is to know about these specific individuals. Find out about their past results as well as whether or not they’ve been actively working on upgrading their skills.

Mind the Surface Details

While analyzing the biographies of horses and jockeys, you’ll probably come across information about their preferred surface. If you immediately thought of tennis, you’re on the right track — in horse racing too, the surface plays a significant role.

Depending on the breed, different horses achieve different results on some surfaces over others. Additionally, jockeys also might fancy a specific surface, so it’s always a good idea to look that up before betting.

Apply a Betting Strategy

Although no strategy guarantees a successful outcome when it comes to betting, it’s always wise to use one. In horse racing, the majority of regular bettors usually advise betting on the favourite. However, there are also those who advise the exact opposite.

The truth is, each of the betting strategies can be both right or wrong, as this activity is predominantly based on luck. Therefore, after you do your research, take a moment to silence your mind and listen to your instincts. If what the gut tells you makes any sense and correlates to the factual information you’ve gathered, that’s the bet you should place!