There is no doubt Betfair is one of the most popular bookies and betting exchanges on the planet. They have some of the best odds, and for us, one of the best exchanges going. Betting exchanges aren’t for everyone, but if you know how they work, and can use this to your advantage, you really can be on to a winner.

The minimum amount you can place on Betfair’s betting exchange is £2. There are times when you might want to bet less than this on a long shot or if you are trialling a new strategy and there is a way you can do this. Not every punter wants to wager a huge amount or deposit a small fortune. This is the reason why low deposit betting sites are so popular.

But, what happens if you want to bet less than £2 on Betfair? Is this even possible? Well, yes it is. You basically need to make a bet, modify it which then splits it into 2 smaller bets and then you modify one and cancel the other. Here’s how you can bet less than £2 on Betfair with screenshots:

Step 1 – Make a bet that is unmatched for £2 e.g. at odds of 1000 to make sure it isn’t matched.




Step 2- Then you update the stake to £2 plus the amount under £2 you actually want to bet, say 50p for example so £2.50 in total.




Step 3 – This creates 2 separate bets, one for £2 and one for 50p. Cancel the £2 one and then adjust the odds for the 50p one to the odds you want so you can get your bet matched.




And there you have it a 50p bet matched!

Please note that this workaround doesn’t work on Betfair’s mobile app, it will only work when using the exchange on the desktop site.