How to win big money with small stakes

Here is a system that I use for Saturday racing where we have lots of big handicaps that are nearly impossible to pick the winners of and often throw up winners at huge prices.

What I suggest you look for are handicap races with let’s say 13 or more runners where you get good prices on the field and pick the 4 that you think may offer the best value or perhaps just 3 if the fields are really huge.

Next, you decide what your betting bank for the day is. You may set a limit at about £20 so there are several different ways you can use this in the 3 or 4 races you have picked out. For this instance, I’m using 4 races which is an accumulator or fourfold to be more exact. Next is your selection process. You may pick 3 horses in race 1 and 4 horses in races 2,3 and 4 which would be 192 bets so you would do this at 10p stakes and the bet would cost £19.20.

Now you may think with 10p stakes you would win very little. Well, if you got your fourfold up and every SP was 4/1 you would win £62.50 which would be a small profit but if every SP was 9/1 you are talking £1000.00!

If you had this bet on Saturday 5th August on the 4 big handicap fields at Goodwood and you were lucky enough to find the winners which were 9/2, 11/1, 25/1, and 25/1 your return would have been £4461.60 which is a tremendous return for a 10p fourfold from an initial outlay of £19.20.

So this is just an example of how to win decent money on what I think now is the worst day of the week for finding winners. You may even check what our tipsters tip up for the race you picked out and use them in your permutations.

  • My example was a fourfold: 3 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 192

There are several different combinations you can use your betting bank for and you can also change the staking plan.  Good luck for Saturday to anyone who gives this a go!