Is Oddschecker’s Ownership Impacting its Potential Success?

Oddschecker has become a significant website in the lives of many online sports gamblers. The website is designed to compare the odds for a specific event across several bookmakers. This allows the punter to find the best odds for the market on which they would like to bet, thus providing the potential for the greatest amount of winnings.

Oddschecker was established in 1999 and in addition to providing an odds comparison service, the website also promotes the latest bonuses from sports betting companies. Plus, you will find a selection of sports betting tips and trends when using the Oddschecker website or mobile application, the latter of which is available for both iOS and Android devices. According to the information on the Oddschecker website, one in ten bets online in the UK are touched by Oddschecker and they are currently integrated with 80 different bookmakers from around the world.

So, why have recent questions been raised regarding Oddschecker’s ownership and the impact it is having on its potential success?

Flutter, a gambling super-group worth billions, are the current owners of Oddschecker, along with Paddy Power, Betfair, Sky Bet, and PokerStars to name but a few online gambling companies. Each of these brands were operating individually before they were purchased by Flutter and as Oddschecker is owned by Sky Bet, they also fall under the Flutter umbrella of ownership.

Flutter merged with Stars Group in 2020 and in doing so, they created the biggest sports betting and gaming company in the world. The deal was worth a huge £8.5 billion and the combined annual revenue of the two companies was around £3.8 billion, which is an incredible amount of money. However, recent reports have emerged that Flutter is considering selling off the Oddschecker brand and it would not be the first time the odds comparison website has changed hands.

The difference in the possible upcoming sale could be the fact there has been a notable fall in the number of betting sites on the Oddschecker platform. One of the reasons given for the fall is based on Flutter acquiring the website and with few bookmakers listed on Oddschecker, it is not performing to the same level it has been in the past. Entain removed several of their brands from the Oddschecker website, with commercial reasons being given as the deciding factor.

As with any asset, especially online, if there is a fall in the numbers of people wanting to use the platform, the value of the product is going to fall. It is believed the sale of Oddschecker could bring in £150 million for Flutter and they will be able to use the funds to push some of the other brands under their ownership. However, given the fall in the number of betting sites available on Oddschecker, will any company be willing to meet the £150 million asking price?

If Flutter sells the affiliate website on to another betting company, Oddschecker could find they are facing the same issue in terms of the number of bookmakers willing to list on their website. It feels as though this is a crucial time in the history of Oddschecker and the next move is going to be vital.