OnCourt Tennis Software

On Court Betting Software Review


If you like to bet or trade on tennis then quite simply Oncourt software from Kansoft is a must have. It is a comprehensive tennis database that contains information on the results of more than 610,000 tennis matches, played since 1990. It is updated several times daily with pretty much every tennis stat you’ll ever need to see.

The database is stored locally on your machine but you’ll only ever need to see the software interface. Each time you open up the software it will automatically update the database for you in the matter of seconds.

Oncourt‘s software interface shows you a comprehensive list of all tennis matches to be played around the world today including Challenger events. When exporting the prediction percentages to excel you can pick and choose which tournaments you are interested in.

Brilliant display of data including head to head info

It’s so easy to check a player’s record on a particular surface or what their head to head is with another player. It’s not only the fact that it provides you so much data but also the simply and visually appealing way in which is presents you the data.

Accurate prediction algorithm

Some of our favourite features are the point by point break down so you can see exactly how the points were won, the tournament view so you can see what all the permutations of who might play who may be and the prediction tool which gives a very accurate percentage estimation of a players chance of winning.

We’ve found in very close matches where the odds of both players are around evens the prediction tool is very good at knowing where the value lies. We also like to use the percentage estimations as a starting point basis for our trading. For example Radwanska might be 1.1 on Betfair and if the Oncourt software gives a percentage of much less like 70% likelihood of a win then we know a lay is a good entry point. It’s amazing how well this strategy works.

To be honest, there are that many fluctuations in women’s tennis matches that you’d be a bit unlucky not to catch at least one of the big movements in most matches to make a profit but these predictions give you a good idea of whether it’s worth making your starting position pre-match or not.

Add your own notes on players

The software also lets you add your own notes on each player and add them into the database. So you can remind yourself who is poor at serving out or who is likely to go off the boil for a number of games or a set.

Less than 50 euros for year long license

On court costs 48.95 euros (£41.76) for a year-long license and 88.95 (£75.88) for a life-long one but believe us when we say this is well worth it. The developers are always working on features to improve the software too and they now have a snooker version of the site which is a little more expensive.  If you are still not convinced download it yourself and try it free for 30 days. http://www.oncourt.info/download.html

If you need any help understanding the features or have any questions about the software, then please let us know by replying to this blog post.