Online Slots vs. Slot Machines: Is There Any Difference?

Physical slot machines have been around decades longer than the online slots we see today. Often called one-arm bandits, land-based slot machines usually require coins to play. With online slots, players can register with the casino and pay by numerous different debit cards or e-wallet methods. Online slots have grown remarkably in popularity over the past decade. In this post, we explore the difference between online slots and physical slot machines.

Convenience & Accessibility

With land-based slot machines, players can access them in specific locations such as arcades, casinos, and pubs. This makes them less accessible than online slots. Online slots can be accessed from multiple devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Many online slots can be played on mobile devices these days, making them accessible from virtually anywhere.

Therefore, online slots are a much more convenient and accessible option than traditional land-based slot machines.

Privacy & Comfort

Players can enjoy online slots from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. With physical slot machines, players often have to endure the surrounding noise and the venue’s hustle and bustle. This can be off-putting for some. Also, online slots allow players to enjoy playing without the distraction and annoyance of people lurking around waiting to take over the machine.

Physical slot machines are noisy, and there is no mistaking when someone has won a large jackpot as the coins pour out. Online players can enjoy privacy regarding their play and winnings. It is also possible to turn the sound down or off entirely for a quieter playing experience. Another pro for online slots is being able to relax and sit comfortably while playing instead of having to stand or sit on an uncomfortable stool.

Range of Games

While more extensive arcades and casinos do offer a wider selection of slot machines, games are limited by the venue’s space. More modern, touch screen slot machines are capable of hosting multiple games but still cannot compete, in this regard, with online slots. Many online casinos offer hundreds, or even thousands, of different games to play.

Players can choose from many different styles, including traditional fruit machines, collapsing reels, jackpot games, modern options such as the popular starburst game, and so much more. Being able to enjoy a vast range of games from a single platform makes online slots immensely appealing compared with land-based machines. Online players also do not have to wait for the device they want to become available before playing their chosen game.

Jackpots, Prizes & Bonuses

Land-based slot machines do sometimes offer jackpot prizes, but these are usually fixed at a certain amount. With online slots, players can choose from multiple jackpot games, which often have massive or unlimited jackpots. Some games pay daily jackpots or pay-out jackpots multiple times per day. Online slot jackpots can sometimes exceed a million pounds and are often tens or hundreds of thousands, although smaller jackpots are widely available as well.

Online players can enjoy regular bonuses and special prizes, which vary depending on the platform. This cannot be found with physical slot machines because players do not register to play these.

On balance, online slots offer much more to the player than traditional land-based slot machines. The player can enjoy a broader range of games along with bigger prizes and bonuses. Online games can be accessed from multiple devices at the player’s convenience, and they offer a greater degree of privacy. As technology evolves, online slots look set to develop in a way that provides an even greater choice to players.

Image by djedj from Pixabay