Recording Bets

Recording Bets, Using Performance Graphs and Analysing Staking Plans

In the last article we started looking at recording our bets using The Staking Machine and we continue with that theme in this article, however at this point I am also going to introduce the different types of staking plans available in TSM.

I have added another 100 bets to the record, which now makes 244 bets in TSM in total. There’s still more bets to enter! We will see some great examples of periods of losing bets, periods of winning bets, effect on the betting bank, and gain a really good insight into bet management over the next couple of articles.

At this point we are starting to see some interesting patterns emerge. Check out the video below to see how it’s all starting to take shape

From the video you can see there are now 244 bets in the system. The number of wins total 38 so far, which equates to a 15.6% strike rate. This is more than the Required Strike Rate of 13.3% so we are still ahead of the game.

Average odds of the selections has been 9.70, with average winning odds of 7.50.

The Estimated Losing Streak at this point, determined from all the bets processed so far, is now 32.4 according to TSM. So if I was using this as a guide to my betting bank I now have a good picture of a ‘worst case scenario’ and need to start ensuring I my bank is durable enough to sustain a loss of 33 bets in a row, which in this instance it is as we started with £100 and the current total now stands at £181.80 using level stakes of £2.00.

We have hit a purple patch about now, however the longest losing run to this point has been 22 bets, and that was between bet # 100-121.

The betting bank is still looking pretty healthy at this point, and the Edge I have is still around 17% so it’s worth continuing with these bets.

The interesting thing to note is if I change the staking plan to Bookies Bank, which is my preferred method of staking, then the bank balance increases to £208.61 and stakes have only marginally increased, the largest stake at this point reaching £3.24 which is still very manageable.

We will look at bet analysis in more detail in the next article, but for now I want to focus on staking plans and then touch on the available graphs.

I can see by the Frequency Of Winning Odds graph that I do best at odd of between 4.50 – 5.00 and over 10, which is also born out by looking at the stats on the website under the BVSystemBets profile.

You should be starting to get a better understanding of how this information can best benefit you as a punter by now. It allows you to play to your strengths and minimise your bets by focusing on the areas where you are strongest – in this case I should be focusing on bets around 7/2 – 4/1 and also on those that are greater than 9/1 because this is where I seem to be performing best. By reducing bets on other odds ranges that I perform less well at I can see that my profitability will increase and my stake requirement will decrease. My betting bank should start to grow quicker in theory due to less wasted stakes.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing, and when used in this way it provides better betting opportunities and more focus.
Check out the video, and in the next article we start to look at analysis in more detail and how you can use this information to really start to make serious inroads into making money from your bets.

I also have an article going up about selections systems later this week that you may find useful – a couple of good resources you can use, and some possible strategies that you may or may not find useful.