Surebets – info and top tips

Written by: Brian Webb
Updated: July 12, 2024

Sports betting is a great pastime no matter what the result but that does not stop players getting frustrated when they are on a losing streak. Sometimes it can feel like the world is against you. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to guarantee that your bets came in?

Obviously, this is impossible, however, by utilising our surebets calculator you can at least make sure that you earn a profit from your betting. This may sound too good to be true, but trust us when we say that it is 100% possible to achieve this! Check out our guide to surebets below if you don’t believe us.

What is a surebet?

Explained simply, sure betting – also known as arbitrage or arbing – is placing several different wagers on a sporting event in order to guarantee a profit, not be confused with “a sure thing” Of course, placing all your bets with the same operator would never work. Therefore, sure betting relies on comparing the odds of a load of different bookmakers in order to find opportunities for profit. What you are looking for in a sure bet is to create a scenario where no matter which of your bets come in, your winnings will be enough to cover the losses you have made. This is easiest to accomplish on events that have a finite amount of outcome such as a football match.

A game can only ever have three outcomes, a home win, an away win or a draw. Therefore, to surebet on a football match you need to find the odds for all three of these outcomes that will give you a mathematical advantage and give you a profit.

So, in practice, let’s say Manchester United are playing Chelsea and you have £100 to stake. If United are 5.00 to win at one bookmaker, Chelsea are 2.10 at another and a draw is 3.40 you need to split your£100 evenly to ensure a win. In this case, wagering £20.61, £30.31 and £49.08 would create three bets that all return just over £103 – thus guaranteeing a profit of at least £3. Working out the exact odds can be tough. This is why Oddspedia’s surebet calculator is so useful. Not only does it work out the exact stakes you need for each bet, it also flags up opportunities for surebets across various markets.

Top tips for sure betting

In order to save time when sure betting, we recommend setting up accounts at all the best bookmakers around. Key to securing your win is being able to place multiple bets quickly. Having to sign up at a new sportsbook each time there is a surebet opportunity is only going to slow you down and you may even miss out altogether when the odds change. Also, be aware that sure betting is frowned upon by bookmakers. If a sportsbook finds out that you have been doing it regularly, you run the risk of being banned from betting altogether. Therefore, you must be smart and careful.

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