Templegate Profit and Loss Analysis

Last week someone asked me if I had the profit/loss info for Templegate’s horse racing tips by tip type i.e. NAP, NB (Near Best) and treble. In case you didn’t know Templegate is the Sun Newspaper’s resident tipster and he’s out performing any tipster out there currently including Pricewise with nearly 2000 units profit since we began following:

Templegate Tipster Table

He offers a daily treble but we decided to profile his individual results. I didn’t have the requested breakdown info to hand but I was able to query the data.

So I decided to see what the profit loss for each of Templegate’s tip type was since we started following. Not all bets were included because originally we listed more of his Saturday selections that weren’t part of the 3 categories and there were also a handful of tips where we didn’t have the tip type info.

The vast majority of tips do have a category against them and there is more than enough data for it to be meaningful. I also decided to record the average odds of each tip type that Templegate selects. The results (below) were quite surprising:


Tip Type Average Price Profit/Loss ROI
NAP 4.93 +241.68 10.8%
Near Best (NB) 4.95 +631.80 28.7%
Treble 4.87 +1108.15 51.3%


As you can see the nap tip was the worst performing of the 3 with 241 units profit (10.8% ROI) but still none too shabby. If you think about it naps often selected based on strong opinions that will be shared by most and the odds and will tend to be closer to the real price. The ‘near best’ (nb) horses were sandwiched between the naps and the trebles which came out on top with an incredible ROI of 51.3% and account for over 1000 units of profit!

I actually thought the treble was mainly an outside price but the average odds of the treble were slightly less than the other two tip types. In fairness there was hardly anything between the average prices of each type.

As mentioned earlier these tips are tipped as trebles i.e. an accumulator and although trebles can be hit and miss Templegate has also landed 7 of these so far which is pretty amazing. His longest losing individual streak since we started recording the treble bets only is just 12. In horse racing betting that it very impressive especially over a period of well over a year. If you back his tips with a sensible staking plan and get close to the best odds available you should make good profits.

It’s really interesting to see how good these expert tipsters really are. A few have been a let-down (Alex Hammond!) but Templegate and Pricewise do deliver with albeit differing strategies.

If anyone has any tipsters that they would like us to profile and record results for please us know.