Tennis Ratings – Review


Occasionally among all the spam and awful tipsters on twitter or the internet you come across someone who really knows their stuff about sports betting and who has a professional approach. Dan from Tennis Ratings is certainly one of these and reading his daily thoughts on the day’s tennis has become part of our morning routine.

Dan’s Tennis Ratings website is a tennis trader’s haven containing lots of information, guides and spreadsheets provided to help you profit from tennis betting and trading. Similarly to how extremely accurate predictions of the outcome of football matches can be determined by goal expectancy, Dan focuses on serve hold expectancy or ‘projected holds’ as the basis for his edge.

Tennis Trading Handbook contains all sorts of golden nuggets

Tennis Ratings offer a number of subscription based services and there’s no better place to get started than by purchasing the complete tennis trading handbook which contains all sorts of golden nuggets about the best times to enter trades based on sound statistical data. Crucially, he recognises that the odds in-play move from the starting price on a very accurate model on average but fail to factor in the relative merits of particular players throughout the match. This means that by really knowing your stuff you can gain an edge on the market. There are many more valuable insights into the world of tennis trading and you can purchase the guide for a one-off payment of £25.

Daily spreadsheet outlines plan to exploit in-play inefficiencies

We’ve written before at Betting Tools about just how efficient the pre-match and in-play markets are on average but that there are anomalies especially in-play. To take advantage of this you need to keep a close eye on what’s happening not just in terms of form, injuries, motivation etc. but the actual latest stats too and this is no easy task. Dan does this hard work for you and produces invaluable statistics as a basis to help provide entry points in the markets.

Dan provides this information via statistics in an excel spreadsheet which is update on a daily basis. The sheet itself is based on Dan’s tennis model which creates his own odds again based on projected holds but also takes into account the speed of surface. The odds produced by the model reveal pre-match opportunities and the projected hold stats can then be used to gain an edge by opposing players in-play. The stats whilst not easy to collect are presented in a colour coded easy and easy to understand manner. Access to the spreadsheet costs £30 for 30 days. There is a useful video of Dan talking you through the spreadsheet itself here:

Pre-match tips service also available

If trading is not something you enjoy or have the time for then Dan also provides tips send out to subscribers daily. There are so many tennis matches played on a daily basis and it’s difficult to know just where the value lies. We’ve mentioned before just how difficult it can be to profit from tennis betting and that very few achieve an ROI above 2 or 3%. At the time of writing this article Dan’s return is 6.67% after 167 tips. No mean feat! These tips are provided in exchange for a very reasonable £1 a day and a subscription of a minimum 30 days.

Ultimate In-play Spreadsheet Free Sample

Tennis Rating’s latest product is the Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet that demonstrates. Most traders are aware that usually the best opportunities to profit come in the early to middle sections of the match and not necessarily at the end of each set where most stats are produced around. Dan recognises the weakness is such stats and has carefully constructed some very meaningful in-play statistics. It also helps dispels any myths about notoriously labelled chokers and tells you who really struggles to serve for sets or matches.  As an introductory offer to this new product Dan is offering a free sample of players so you can see test out his stats for yourself and see how you can get an edge on the markets.

Staking advice only thing missing from this service

Dan is a full-time tennis trader and is clearly able to make good profits from his tennis trading. One thing we would like to see however is some information about what kind of stakes he uses and what are typical profits for him as I think this would be inspiring to novice traders. It would also be handy to see videos of him trading a match and putting his stats to use so we can get a feel for how many times he enters the market and how he goes about changes his liabilities/positions when time is of the essence.

Free in-depth previews and pre-tournament suggestions

Dan’s daily musings on the day’s tennis matches are extremely accurate and he provides advised entry point for many matches.  He also writes in-depth pre-views prior to every big tournament. These previews can be read for free but to beat the market and get access to all the juicy stats and information you’ll need to subscribe to his services.

To summarise, here are the 4 main products that Tennis Ratings offer:

1) Tennis Trading Handbook (£25)
2) Daily Spreadsheet  (£30 for 30 days but taster options too)
3) Pre-match tips (£30 for 30 days)
4) The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet (Currently free sample)

All 4 of Dan’s products can be purchased individually or in various packages depending on what it is you are looking for. There are gold and silver packages which can also be split into betting only or trading only ones.

Overall a highly recommended service

We at Betting Tools are very experienced in the area of tennis trading and we highly recommend the services provided by Tennis Ratings. His low risk high gain style of trading is perfect for growing a small bank into a large one. Almost everything that he advocates in his tennis trading guide agrees with our own findings. The subscriptions are reasonably priced, not cheap but well worth the money considering the edge they can give you and for the amount of specialist knowledge and time that goes into providing them.

Special Offer for Betting Tools Readers

If you’d like to purchase the TennisRatings Trading Handbook  or ‘Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet’ then quote the code ‘BettingTools’ at the time of purchase and you will receive the following:

  • 7-day Daily Spreadsheet Subscription with any Handbook Purchase
  • 7-day Daily Spreadsheet Subscription with any ‘Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet’ Purchase