The best betting tools online

What is it that makes people so great at sports betting? Great sporting knowledge, patience and luck all play a role. However what separates the really successful sports bettors is their use of betting tools. There are countless different resources available on the internet that help you get ahead, but not everyone decides to use them. Here are some of the very best.

Profit Calculator

Working out exactly how much your bet will return when wagering different amounts is very important. While most sportsbooks have this programmed into their software, this feature is not always the easiest to use. You may be better off using an independent online profit calculator, many of which are equipped with interesting features not available on sports betting sites.

Odds Convertor

There’s nothing more frustrating than loading up a new online sportsbook to discover that they use fractional odds when you prefer decimals or visa versa. Working out the conversion can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily, several different sites offer an odds conversion calculator. Simply enter in the odds you see on a website and the convertor changes them into your preferred format. Very handy.

Accumulator Calculator

Accumulators are one of the most popular forms of betting around. It is essentially combining lots of small bets into one big one with much higher odds. However, all of your bets must come in in order for you to win any money. They are particularly popular in England where punters often put on a three-fold, four-fold or even higher on a series of football matches taking place on a particular weekend. Working out the combined odds can put a lot of people off this type of bet though. This is where an accumulator calculator comes in. Simply input all of your odds and your potential winnings will be calculated at the end.

Surebet Calculator

Sure betting is the practice of placing a string of different bets at various bookmakers in order to guarantee a profit. It may sound shady but do not worry, it is 100% legal – though sportsbooks are likely to suspend your account if you are caught doing it. Finding a mathematical edge to beat the bookies is very hard, which is why sure betting tools are so popular. These calculators work out the exact amount you need to stake on each outcome in order to secure a profit, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Asian Handicap Calculator

Asian Handicap is a more complex method of betting on football. Each side is given a handicap depending on their recent form. In practice, this means that the favourites must win by more goals than in traditional 1X2 betting in order to secure the player a profit. Each side is assigned their handicap with each bet having around a 50% chance of coming in. Asian Handicaps can be mystifying for first time users. There are plenty of calculators available for these types of bets however, which can help players work out their potential winnings.