Why You Should Try Your Hand at Greyhound Betting

If you’re like many sports bettors, your primary goal for betting is to make consistent profits. Sure, it is also exciting and can turn you into a sports expert. But everyone risks their money with the hope of winning some more.

Unfortunately, building consistent profits in betting is easier said than done. It’s particularly difficult when betting on major sports like football and basketball. So, is it time you tried your hand at a smaller sport like greyhound racing?

Supported by Leading Sportsbooks

Before you worry about how to bet on greyhound races, know that the sport is supported by all major betting websites. You don’t need to look for a specialty sportsbook in the UK. Your favorite bookmaker probably provides greyhound race betting.

That said, greyhound betting sites aren’t created equal. Some operators feature every major greyhound race in the UK. Others provide extreme betting markets. Then there’s the issue of free bets, quick payouts, and odds.

If you want a great greyhound betting site but lack the time to look for one, go to GreyHoundBetting.co.uk and choose one of the recommended sportsbooks. You can pick the ideal bookie based on ratings, brand name, bonus size, or average odds. It all depends on what you value the most in a betting website.

Loads of Racing Events Every Year

We’ll admit—greyhound race betting doesn’t feature as many betting markets as football. You won’t find betting markets every hour. Still, to be clear, you can bet on finding a race to wager on every week.

Some of the biggest races in the UK include the British Isles, the English Greyhound Derby, and the Scottish Greyhound Derby. These events are held annually albeit at different months of the year.

The English Greyhound Derby takes place in June and July. The Scottish Derby takes place in April while Select Stakes are held in July. With that in mind, don’t limit yourself to major Derby races.

You can also wager in smaller weekly events in the UK and Ireland. Crucially, also watch out for races in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Most of them have similar rules and formats.

A Variety of Bet Types

Like football and cricket, greyhound race betting avails multiple bet types. Some of these bet types are suitable for beginners. Others are best left to the experts.

  • Win Bet: you select the winning dog. Profits are paid based on fixed odds or parimutuel betting.
  • Place Bet: it’s a bet on one dog to finish first, second or third. The payouts are smaller compared to win bet payouts but the odds of winning are higher.
  • Each Way: it’s a combination bet. You select a dog to either win or finish in the first three positions. You get paid for your correct prediction, whether it finishes first or in the first three positions.
  • Quinella: a Quinella bet involves picking a hound to finish first or second in any order.
  • Exacta: You predict the first two dogs in the correct order.
  • Trifecta: you select the first three dogs in the exact order. At some betting sites, you can also wager on reverse forecast bets, predicting the first three dogs in any order.

With that in mind, consider starting with win bets. All you need is to select a winning dog after performing due diligence. If you think a dog has a chance to appear in the first three spots, choose a place bet. The profits aren’t big but the odds are great.

You Can Use Data to Increase Your Odds

Contrary to popular opinion, betting on greyhound races isn’t a guessing game. You don’t select winners based on how they look. You can use data availed to you by bookmakers and independent resources to make informed decisions.

What information should you check to predict race winners? Start by looking for any form of bias: Weight, age, weather conditions, and trap position. When it comes to weight, lighter dogs outperform heavier hounds.

  On the other hand, younger pups tend to outrun their older counterparts in short races. Some dogs are faster in wet conditions while others prefer dry sandy surfaces. Additionally, every dog has a trap it performs the best at.

If you realize most dogs are marked as specialists in middle positions and then there’s a dog that specializes in inner traps, it could end up winning the race. With that in mind, these biases don’t always happen. But always check to find for something that could make a difference in a race.

You Can Stream Races Free of Charge

One of the benefits of betting on greyhound races is that you can also watch them free of charge. Many betting websites have streaming apps that broadcast popular races. The only requirement is to be an active punter.

If you’re a new gambler, you’ll need to deposit and place your first bet. If you’re a regular punter, the rule is to maintain an active account. Importantly, watching greyhound races is beneficial in several ways.

First, there’s the entertainment factor. You can choose a dog and cheer it for the fun of it. Then, watching races gives you better knowledge about the dogs involved, the race, and weather conditions. And as mentioned, this is the information you need to win.

You Can Claim Free Bets and Boosters

If you bet on other sports because they attract bonuses, try out dog race betting for the same reason. You can claim a free bet upon registering an account or making your first deposit. You can then use your free bet to increase your profits.

The best greyhound betting websites have a plethora of rewards for both new and regular players. They can match your first deposit 100% to double your bankroll. Or they can offer to reimburse your stake if your first bet is a loss.

All the same, greyhound race betting can help you improve your bottom line by constantly using bonuses. Add boosters for winning occasionally and VIP rewards and you could also save on your bankroll greatly.