Zoombet – Betfair App Review


Betfair have had their own mobile app for a while and now have cash out functionality too but we here at Betting Tools still prefer to use a third-party app called Zoombet to place our bets with Betfair. It is an Android based app but considering the popularity of the Samsung ranges now, we’re still surprised by how few people know about this gem of an app.

The makers of this software are fully certified and have an agreement in place with Betfair to connect to the site. It’s completely safe to use as well as being absolutely free to use.

The key advantage over the Betfair app is speed and its basic layout makes it much easier to navigate through the markets quickly. It’s perfect for betting on the run. It’s faster to find the markets you want to make bets on than the Betfair app and it also refreshes the odds much quicker in play.

It also has its own version of cash out and displays the odds of the relevant selection in bold green when a cash out opportunity is available. If this happens you simply click the green price and pres s ok and the app will make you equal green on all selections.

The prices displayed on Zoombet are not the cross-matched prices and I like this because you can see exactly what prices are being requested. Betfair will also still match you at the best price possible when you submit your bet via Zoombet.

Although we do recommend that you use a desktop computer with 3rd party software like Gruss to trade Zoombet is a decent alternative if you can’t use your computer and it’s certainly much better than using the Bettfair app.

The app obviously performs best over a wifi connection but can perform well over 3G depending on the signal strength where you are located.

The only down side to Zoombet is that you can’t deposit funds into your Betfair account using it. Perhaps this is no bad thing if it causes you to pause for a second before using the Betfair app to reload money into your account after a bad loss.