Betting Calculators

Using a betting calculator is one of the best ways to work out your returns on a bet. Here at BettingTools, we understand the value calculators bring to bettors, so we offer them all for free.

Below, you can find the full list of free betting calculators we offer. Simple to use, effective and essential. They are the #1 tool for any serious punter looking to turn a profit.


  • What are sports betting calculators?

    Sports betting calculators are tools designed to simplify a range of betting tasks, such as determining optimal wagers for hedged bets, converting odds from fractions into decimals, or discovering estimated returns on desired selections.

  • Are the calculators on BettingTools truly free?

    Yes, all betting calculators available at BettingTools are completely free to use.

  • Are BettingTools free calculators accurate?

    Scientifically proven mathematical formulas and algorithms were used to create all calculators available at BettingTools.

  • Can I use data from these calculators to make real-life bets?

    We not only enable but encourage you to rely on our free calculator tools to make informed betting decisions at real bookies. However, we are also firm advocates of responsible gaming, so bet safely and consult Responsible Gaming policies at your preferred bookies.