Goliath Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: July 12, 2024

A complex cover bet like a Goliath requires a calculator, and there’s no way around it. Calculating your return from a system of 8 selections with 247 bets will stretch any mind, but not a calculator’s.

BettingTools explains the basic function of a Goliath bet calculator and how to use our own free calculator for your next Goliath.

What is a Goliath Bet Calculator?

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A Goliath bet calculator is a digital tool calibrated to compute the complex returns and profit of a Goliath bet. I say complex because you need 8 selections, and the bookmaker creates dozens of pairs, trebles, fourfold, and other combined bets. A Goliath bet includes 8 selections i.e. 8 different betting markets, each with its own odds and a type of outcome (win, lose, void, etc.).

This specialized calculator processes all these variables in a fraction of a second to give you the potential returns (profit and total payout).

How to Use Our Goliath Bet Calculator

Using BettingTools’ Goliath bet calculator is like using an ordinary calculator, except you input a few extra values. Here is a breakdown of how to use it.

  • Each Way – Toggle this function if you want our calculator to calculate each-way bets. This will double your total stake for a £1 bet from £247 to £494.
  • Rule 4 – Select if you want Rule 4 to apply i.e. the payout to be recalculated when runners (in a horse race) are pulled out.
  • Odds Type – Set your odds format to American, Decimal, or Fractions.
  • Outcome – Toggle the dropdown menu to select your type of outcome. You can choose from a Winner, Lose, Dead Heat, or Void/Non-Runner.
  • Odds per selection – Input the odds value in the ‘Odds’ field for each outcome of the 8 selections in the Goliath.
  • Stake – In this box, you type the amount of your stake per line. For instance, if you stake £1, your total Outlay (bet size) will be £247 (247 betting lines times 1). If you bet £0.5 per line, your total outlay will be £123.5. You can also calculate your returns based on a total combined bet.
  • Total Returns and Total Profit – Once you enter the required values and adjust the terms, our Goliath calculator will automatically and instantly compute your total returns and total profit. The Total Returns show the total potential payout, with the bet amount included in the calculated return. The Total Profit shows only your profit, deducting the total bet.

Calculate Stake Per Line or Total Combined Stake

You already saw how calculations work per line. If you input a stake of, say, £0.10, you bet £0.10 on 247 betting lines, coming to a total of £24.70.

Our Goliath calculator also allows you to work out a payout and profit for a total combined stake rather than bet on each combination individually. Note that there is a limit to the minimum you can stake if you want to place a total combined bet. For instance, to cover 247 betting lines, you need a total combined stake of at least £2.47.

Goliath Bet Calculations & Payout

As an intricate cover bet, working out a payout and profit from a Goliath bet without a calculator is needlessly hard work. The payout can differ greatly depending on which and how many combinations you hit.

You only need two winning selections to get a payout. However, if the odds are low, the payout will likely be lower than the investment, considering a £1 bet on a Goliath is worth £247 due to the 247 bet combinations from the 8 selections. But it’s highly improbable to return a profit or even your stake, if you win, for example, one of the 28 possible doubles.

However, if you start winning 4-folds, 5-folds, or higher combinations, the payout becomes much bigger and will most likely return a profit.

How Does a Goliath Bet Work

A Goliath bet is simple in theory. It is a full cover bet which, as the name suggests, creates all possible combinations from 8 selections (legs) starting from doubles. A Goliath does not pay singles.

The 8-leg Goliath bet creates 247 betting lines, composed of the following multiple bets:

  • 28 double bets
  • 56 three-leg accumulators (accas)
  • 70 four-leg accas
  • 56 fivel-leg accas
  • 28 six-leg accas

You win only if you hit one of the 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, and so on. The bigger the winning combo, the larger the payout. Want an even bigger payout? Use a free bet to grab a welcome offer from the bookie.


  • How Many Bets Are in a Goliath?
    A Goliath Bet comprises 8 selections, covering all possible combinations between them, starting from doubles. It includes trebles, fourfold bets, and fivefolds, all up to an eightfold acca.
  • How to Calculate a Goliath Bet?
    To calculate a Goliath Bet, use our calculator to enter the specific odds, odds format, bet size, type of outcome, and other conditions. The calculator will automatically generate your total returns and profit.
  • How do I Win a Goliath Bet?
    To win a Goliath, you must win one of the double, treble, fivefold, sixfold, or sevenfold combos or the single 8-leg accumulator. To generate a profit, you usually need to win a combination from treble (threefold) upward.
  • What is the Minimum Bet for Goliath?

    The minimum you can bet on a Goliath is usually £0.10, which will generate a total outlay (total stake) of £24.7, provided you’re not betting each-way.

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