Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: July 12, 2024

Enter all of your horses, their odds, and your stake into our Lucky 15 bet calculator and find out exactly how much you stand to win. Keep reading to learn more about this popular horse racing bet and some of its benefits and drawbacks.

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What Is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet is a type of horse racing wager made up of the following WIN bets:

  • 6 – Doubles
  • 4 – Singles
  • 4 – Trebles
  • 1 – Four-Fold Accumulator

To place a Lucky 15 bet, you need to select four horses running in four different races. As you are placing 15 different bets, your stake is multiplied by 15. So if you enter a stake of £10, the total amount you’ll be risking is £150.

The logic behind this wager is you can potentially win significant sums from a small stake. It’s also not as risky as an accumulator because even if some of your horses lose, you can still generate profit.

How to Use Our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

To find out just how much you stand to win from your Lucky 15 bet, follow these steps:

  1. Select your odds types
  2. Enter your stake
  3. Type in the odds for all four horses

After you’ve entered the above information, you’ll see your potential return and profit. Our calculator saves you from having to manually add up your different returns. You can swap out different horses and quickly build the perfect Lucky 15 bet.

Lucky 15 Bet Returns

Should You Place a Lucky 15 Bet?

Thanks to a Lucky 15 bet, even if a big favourite has an off night, you can still go home a winner because this wager contains six different doubles and four trebles.

Also, when you start playing around with our calculator, you’ll see just how much you can potentially win from a small £5 or even £1 stake.

The big drawback to Lucky 15 bets is how expensive they are. As this horse racing wager is made up of 15 bets, you’ll have to seriously reduce your typical stake.

Also, even though a Lucky 15 bet gives you lots of ways to win, it’s still a high-risk bet. If only one or two of your horses win and you whiff on your trebles and doubles, you’ll end up in the red.


  • Great potential returns from a small stake
  • Covers all bases
  • Provides multiple ways to win


  • Requires a big stake
  • Riskier than singles and doubles

Make Calculated Lucky 15 Bets

While a Lucky 15 bet can be risky, we still think they’re worth a shot. Just remember to construct your wager around favourites. Look for horses who are coming off wins, are in their prime, and have experience running on the type of track where the race will be held. Avoid long shots like the plague. Good luck, and happy punting!


  • How many horses do I pick in a Lucky 15 bet?
    In a Lucky 15 bet, you need to select four horses in total from four different races. You’re betting on each horse to win their race.
  • How do I win a Lucky 15 bet?
    You’ll win a Lucky 15 bet if at least one of your horses wins a race. However, to earn a profit, some of your doubles will likely also have to hit.
  • Is a Lucky 15 bet worth it?
    A Lucky 15 bet is worth it if you identify races with hefty favourites who are expected to cruise across the finish line. In this scenario, a Lucky 15 bet allows you to earn big profits from horses with low odds.
  • What is a Lucky 15 bet each way?

    A Lucky 15 bet each way involves betting on every horse to win or either place, so instead of 15 wagers, you’re making 30. It’s less risky than a standard Lucky 15 bet, but it reduces your potential profit.

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