Round Robin Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: July 12, 2024

Round robin bets allow bettors to combine multiple accumulators from a specific selection of teams or betting markets into one ticket.

Manually calculating the potential payout from a round robin bet can be stressful, as this type of betting involves combining several accas and odds. Fortunately, you can simplify this process and quickly determine your possible payout using our round robin calculator.


With this round robin calculator, you only need to choose the number of selections and fill out the fields with the odds for each event. The tool will automatically calculate the potential payouts for each scenario and provide a summary of what you can expect to gain or lose by placing the bet. This allows you to see how much you could win based on different outcomes and helps you optimize your bets by adding or removing selections as needed.

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Using Our Round Robin Calculator

Our round robin calculator is simple to use. All you have to do to use this calculator is to enter bet slip details as provided by your bookmaker into the ‘Bet Options’ and ‘Selections’ sections on the tool.

Firstly, you enter how much you want to bet on each acca of the round robin. Our calculator offers the option to switch between ‘Unit’, ‘Max Total’, and ‘Exact Total’ stake types. By inputting a specific stake per bet, you ask our calculator to use the provided amount for each selection of the round robin bet. Alternatively, when you enter a total combined bet amount, our computer automatically distributes this amount evenly across the accas.

After providing the betting amount, you have to enter the total number of selections included in your round robin bet, as seen on your bet slip. This can be 2, 3, or 4 accas, depending on the total number of your selections. You can also enable or disable ‘each way’ to further customize your round robin bet.

The next step of using our calculator involves you indicating the outcomes for each of the selections that make up your round robin bet. Select ‘Won if you believe the acca will win, ‘Lost’ if you’re predicting the selection to be lost, ‘Placed’ if you expect a draw, and ‘Void’ if the event is cancelled.

Finally, enter the odds for each selection as provided by your bookmaker. You can change the odds format between ‘Fractions’, ‘Decimals’, and ‘American’ by clicking on the settings icon. Ensure to provide the correct odds as this significantly impacts the calculator’s output.

Once you’ve entered all the parameters as listed above, click ‘Calculate’ and our tool will automatically compute your potential profits/losses based on the bet amounts and outcomes you provided. The results summary includes ‘Total Return’ and ‘Total Profit’, which depend on your initial bet amount.

You can reset our calculator with a single click and restart the entire round robin calculation by providing fresh data. You can also save or share your round robin bet by generating a unique link.

Round Robin Bets Explained

A round robin bet involves multiple accas created from a set of selected teams or outcomes. Unlike a single accumulator bet where all selections must win for a payout, a round robin bet breaks down the selections into smaller acca combinations, increasing your chances of winning some of the bets and making a return if one of the originally selected teams loses.

To place a round robin bet, you select a set number of teams or outcomes on your preferred sportsbook. These outcomes could be match results, total goals, or spreads, depending on the round robin options available on a betting site. Your selections are then automatically combined into every possible acca combination, each treated as a separate bet.

For example, if you expect and choose three teams (A, B, and C) to win their respective matches, the round robin bet will create three separate two-team accas:

  • Acca 1: Teams A and B to win
  • Acca 2: Teams A and C to win
  • Acca 3: Teams B and C to win
  • Acca 4: Teams A, B, and C to win

If teams A and B win, but team C loses, only Acca 1 is won. Similarly, if teams B and C win, and team A loses, only Acca 3 is won. In a situation where teams A, B, and C win their matches, you win all four accas, earning a significant profit.

The more teams or selections you pick, the higher the number of accas that make up the round robin. Consequently, a higher number of combinations results in you spending more to place a round robin bet, compared to a single acca.

How Our Round Robin Calculator Can Help You

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from using our round robin calculator include:

  • The ability to easily adjust your selections and instantly get an updated output without needing to manually recalculate whenever you make a change
  • You can get an output by entering either American or Decimal odds
  • Observing real-time changes in expected profit or losses while changing data of the round robin bet
  • Making quick adjustments to betting strategies, based on feedback from the calculator

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