Sevenfold Bet Calculator

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Updated: July 12, 2024

A sevenfold bet can net you colossal winnings if all 7 outcomes are correctly predicted. If you want to pinpoint precisely how much you can win with this type of wager, you’ve come to the right place. Our Sevenfold Bet Calculator is a free-to-use tool designed to help you accurately determine estimated returns and profit on sevenfold bets.

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Using Our Sevenfold Bet Calculator

Our free Sevenfold Bet Calculator was purposefully engineered to be as simple as possible. However, the nature of sevenfold betting is a bit complex, especially for beginners, so we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide on how this tool can narrow down your potential winnings, so let’s start from the top.

Step 1: Choose Your Odds Type and Input Your Stake

Our Sevenfold Bet Calculator is set to use decimal odds by default. However, if you’d rather your odds be shown in a fractional format, simply tap on the “Odds Type” box and select Fractional.

The “Stake” field below the “Odds Type” represents how much money (in total) you’ll stake on your sevenfold accumulator bet, so simply input your desired amount. The summary screen will automatically update itself whenever a change in the “Stake” box is made, so feel free to experiment with different wager sizes.

Step 2: Enter the Odds for Your Selections

As illustrated in the table above, our free Sevenfold Bet Calculator requires you to input odds for seven selections that comprise your bet. Simply copy the odds from your bookies into each field.

Again, the summary screen will be updated as soon as you change any odds, allowing you to flexibly replace selections that you’re not satisfied with.

(Optional) Step 3: Enable Each Way and Input EW Fractions

If your chosen selections support each-way betting, you may want to give this feature a try even if you end up not using it with a real wager.

With each-way bets, you’re buying insurance in events where a selection can win by either fulfilling the condition (e.g. winning the match) or by reaching one of the qualifying positions (e.g. top 3 in horse racing).

Some bookies may offer different each-way betting opportunities depending on the sports category or specific events. We’ll elaborate on how this feature works with examples below, but for now, just tick the mark next to the “Each Way” box and copy the each-way fractionals provided by your chosen bookmaker into the highlighted fields.

Step 4: Go to the Summary Screen to Preview your Returns and Profits

The Summary Screen is located at the bottom of our Sevenfold Bet Calculator. It displays estimated returns based on the stake and odds you provided, and profits as your returns minus the stake. Both fields automatically update whenever any field is changed.

Sevenfold Bet Calculator Formula

Our tool uses a standard accumulator bet formula that multiplies all provided odds and then multiplies the result with the total stake.

In our example, the calculator multiplied the odds of 2.5, 3.5, 1.3, 1.5, 2.1, 2.4, and 2.1 by a wager of £5. In other words, 180.6 was multiplied by £5, and thus the estimated returns were calculated as £903. The profit was calculated by deducting the stake of £5 from the returns of £903 (£898).

How Our Sevenfold Bet Calculator Can Help You

Typically, most bettors spend a good chunk of time looking for ideal sports selections that are likely to win and have sufficiently high odds to deliver solid profits. This means that you’ll often have to make small adjustments by changing certain selections, your wager, or both.

Our tool allows you to instantly preview how much money you’d earn on your desired selections, but it also saves you time with its auto-updating features.

Sevenfold Bet Example

There’s more to sevenfold betting than simply choosing 7 selections and hoping they’d win. This type of sports wagering has a rule that selections must not be correlated, so bear that in mind while we dissect sevenfold betting with an example.

Let’s assume that you’re neither too fond nor too averse to risk. In this example, we have two selections in football, where Team A has odds of 2.5 to win, and Team B has 3.5 odds to win. The following three conditions, including Player C, D, and E, relate to favourites in an ongoing tennis tournament, with odds of 1.3. 1.5, and 2.1, respectively.

The last two selections are placed on big basketball teams F and G, which you believe will win at the odds of 2.4 and 2.1.

If you were to stake £5 on this sevenfold bet, you would see a return of £903 and a profit of £898.

Each-way Betting in Sevenfold Accumulators

Let’s make things more interesting by introducing “each way” betting options into the mix. We’ll use the same example and assume your bookie supports each-way betting on your chosen football, tennis, and basketball selections.

In this example, the each-way odds pay at quarter odds (1/4), at half odds in tennis (1/2), and one-fifth in basketball (1/5).

Your estimated returns and profits would look slightly different now. With a £5 stake (effectively £10 since you’re paying it twice because of the each-way bet option included), you’d make £942 in returns, and £932 in profits.


  • What is a sevenfold bet?
    A sevenfold bet is an accumulator bet consisting of seven non-correlated sports events in which all outcomes must be correctly predicted for the bet to win.
  • How risky are sevenfold bets?

    All accumulator bets are fairly risky, but sevenfold bets are particularly so because they feature 7 selections that have to pass, as opposed to typical acca bets consisting of 2, 3, or 4 selections.

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