Straight Bet Calculator

Written by: Brian Webb
Fact checked by Alex Windsor  
Updated: June 12, 2024

A straight bet is an individual wager placed on a single selection, and as such is the most widespread form of sports gambling.

While most online bookies feature bet slips that instantly display estimated earnings for individual bets, we believe most players will welcome an opportunity to accurately calculate not just the potential profits but also the implied winning probability of their wagers.

Our straight bet or single bet calculator as it is more commonly known, is a simple beginner-friendly tool meant to help players determine returns on wagers placed in any odds format. After you input the odds as your preferred bookie displays them, the calculator will instantly show you their equivalents in fractional, decimal, and American odds.

Simply type the chosen bet amount and the odds of sports games you wish to bet on, and the straight bet calculator will automatically update the remaining fields.

Using Our Straight Bet Calculator

To start using this free calculator tool, you will need to select your bet first. Simply tap the “Bet Amount” field and input your desired stake.

In the next section, you will see four empty fields; three for the odds in the American, decimal, and fractional formats, and one for the implied winning probability. Entering the numbers in any field will automatically fill out the remaining boxes.

For example, if you were to place a straight wager on an American football game with decimal odds of 4.0, you will see that the American odds for the same selection are 300, the fractional odds are 3/1, and the implied winning probability is 25%.

The last section of our Single Bet Calculator features two boxes – “To Win” shows the estimated earnings minus the stake while “Payout” displays how much you’ll win in total (money from the bet + the wagered amount).

In our example, £10 is wagered on a game with odds of 4.0. This bet has a 25% chance of earning £30 while the total payout should be £10 bet + £30 earned = £40.

If you want to begin a new calculation, just click on the “Reset” button, and all the fields will be empty again.

How Our Straight Bet Calculator Can Help You

Odds Calculator

Many players tend to place multiple bets on the same slip, many of which can be different types of wagers such as accumulators or teasers. On sites of most online bookies, the slip will only display how much you’ll earn in total.

Our tool helps you determine payouts for individual wagers so that users can accurately keep track of their estimated profits as new straight bets are added to the slip.

Additionally, this software doubles as a free odds converter, allowing you to instantly determine how your chosen odds are expressed in implied probability, decimals, fractions, and American odds.

Straight Bet Calculator Formula

The math behind our free calculator is straightforward. The tool multiplies your stake with the odds you copied from your chosen bookie to estimate a profit; the total payout is calculated as a sum of the bet and profit.

We would like to illustrate this formula with several different examples:

  1. A bet of £5 on a game with odds of 3.5 yields profits of £5 x 3.5 = £17.50 with a 28.57% chance to win. Take away the wager, and you’ll earn £17.50 – £5 = £12.50.
  2. A bet of £80 on a game with odds of 6.9 yields profits of £80 x 6.9 = £552 with a 14.49% chance to win. Minus the wager, you would earn £552 – £80 = £472.
  3. A bet of £20 on a game with odds of 1.52 yields profits of £20 x 1.52 = £30.30 with a 66% chance to win. Minus the wager, you would earn £30.30 – £20 = £10.30.

Types of Straight Bets

A variety of unique straight bet categories exist across different sports betting categories. These include moneyline, spreads, totals, props, and more.

Some of these types, such as moneyline and totals, are beginner-friendly and easy to combine into multi-bets like accumulators. Spread-based straight bets may give you increased chances of winning since you can bet not only on the winning/losing side but also on the point difference (spread).

Proposition bets or props are unique straight bets with very specific conditions. A good example of a prop bet is “Race to X points”, where you would be betting on the team to first reach the designated score.


  • Which sports categories support straight bets?
    Virtually all sports betting markets allow straight bets in various formats, with the most popular being moneyline, spread, and total.
  • How do I bet a straight win?
    Straight moneyline bets only require the chosen selection to win. Straight spreads require teams to win by a certain amount of points while straight totals require selections to reach a total score over or under the designated amount.
  • How to use the straight bet calculator?

    Input the desired wager and odds from your chosen bookmaker, and our free tool will automatically calculate the implied win probability, estimated winnings, and total payout.

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