Super Heinz With Singles Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: July 12, 2024

Our Super Heinz Bet with singles bet calculator will help you calculate your potential return from a Super Heinz bet. It’s a simple tool requiring the input of specific values (type of bet, odds, bet size) to generate your return. A Super Heinz Bet Calculator is essential, given the intricacy of this betting system.

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I should clear the air from the get-go: a Super Heinz is a combined bet that does not include singles. It includes combinations of doubles, trebles, fourfold bets, and other combos, but not singles.

Never heard of Super Heinz? Perhaps it rings a bell, but you don’t know exactly how it works. Or, you may as well be a master Super Heinz bettor in need of a sharp tool. A super Heinz calculator is just that: a tool for every betting craftsman.

I say craftsman because, by their nature, Super Heinz bets require calculations, analysis, and a touch of luck, considering it includes 120 bets from 7 selections. Without further ado, let’s break down the concept behind Super Heinz bets and explain how our free Super Heinz bet calculator can help you make instant calculations.

How the Super Heinz with Singles Calculator Works

BettingTools’ Super Heinz bet calculator is a straightforward but handy gadget. It works for standard Super Heinz, without singles. Our Super Heinz calculator is free, and the user manual is pretty basic.

  1. Adjust the odds. You can set the format to decimal, fractional, or American.
  2. Input the bet per line i.e. stake amount. The lowest you can bet is £0.10.
  3. Toggle the button to select if the bet is each-way (which mostly applies to horse racing).
  4. Select the type of bet (win, place, dead heat, etc.).
  5. Input the odds (in the relevant format) in each of the 7 fields.
  6. Select ‘calculate.’

Why You Should Always Use Our Calculator

BettingTools’ Super Heinz With Singles bet calculator is an essential tool for your betting kit. Perhaps you can use a regular calculator for a simple acca bet, but a Super Heinz is a different story. There are dozens of combinations and variables that would prove challenging even for the sharpest minds to calculate.

Our Super Heinz calculator will compute your potential return and profit instantly if you type/adjust a few functions: bet size, each-way (yes or no), type of bet (win, place, etc.), the odds, and odds format.

Example of Using Our Calculator for a Super Heinz Bet

Let’s, for the sake of argument, say you select 7 match-winner events for your Super Heinz, each with even-money (1/1) odds, and you want to bet £1. Enter/type each of these functions in the relevant field of our calculator. To reiterate, the settings you must adjust/input are the type of outcome (win, place, dead heat, etc.), odds (in relevant format), and bet size.

For the 120 betting lines of the Super Heinz, $1 bet per line, your betting total comes to £120. If, for example, you bet £0.50 per line, your total stake will be £60 for 120 lines. On the other hand, if you make your horse race bets each-way, you’ll notice our calculator doubling the number of betting lines from 120 to 240, worth £240 for a £1 per-line stake. The total maximum return and profit are shown at the bottom of the calculator.

Can I Calculate a Super Heinz Bet With Singles?

The simple answer is no. Although some Super Heinz calculators will calculate singles, this type of multi-bet does not pay out single bets, unlike, for example, a Lucky 63 bet, which pays out on 6 singles. Betting Tools’ calculator is a standard tool for computing a Super Heinz bet, excluding returns on singles, as bookmakers do not pay winning singles as part of a Super Heinz bet.

How Super Heinz Bets Work

You start by selecting 7 events you want to bet on. It can be from horse racing or football. If you’re picking match-winners, the 7-leg bet will form 120 betting lines divided into the following combinations:

  • 21 double bets
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 accumulators (accas) with 4 legs
  • 21 accas with 5 legs
  • 7 accas with 6 legs
  • And one 7-leg acca

So, if you win a double bet, your payout will be smaller (the exact amount depends on the various odds combos) compared to winning a treble or one of the 35 fourth-folds. In fact, if you win a double, the odds will be low, and you will likely be at a loss, considering a £1 double bet has virtually no chance of generating a £120 payout.

However, it only takes winning one of the bigger combinations (4-fold and up) for the bet to pay off.

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