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Updated: July 12, 2024

Sports betting is highly unpredictable, and even the most well-analyzed predictions can fall short. Several betting systems have been introduced to minimize the risk of losses in sports betting. One of these systems is the Super Yankee bet.

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A Super Yankee bet involves 26 different combinations of five selections. By combining the selections in multiple ways, a Super Yankee bet makes it possible for bettors to get a sizable return even if one of the original selections loses.

To determine how much you would make from a Super Yankee bet, you have to consider multiple combinations and outcomes – this is time-consuming and you’re likely to make mistakes.

However, with our free-to-use Super Yankee calculator, you don’t have to compute results for each betting scenario manually. By providing inputs from your bet slip into this tool, you can get a detailed summary of how much your bet will fetch you for different scenarios within seconds.

Using Our Super Yankee Bet Calculator

The best thing about our Super Yankee bet calculator is that it’s simple to use. Right off the mark, you will notice that this tool is divided into three distinct sections – one for selecting basic bet rules, another for entering bet selections, and the summary.

The ‘Show Rule 4?’ and ‘Each Way’ options provide a way to adjust payouts and manage risk, and can be set to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ under the first section of our calculator.

In the next section of our Super Yankee bet calculator, you are to enter the details of your five bet selections. These selections could be five different horses from five races or five football teams involved in different matches. Under the ‘Outcome’ column of our calculator, you are to indicate whether your selection is a ‘Winner’, ‘Dead Heat’, ‘Lost’, or ‘Void.’

You are also to input the odds for each of your selections under the ‘Odds’ section. Odds can be entered in the ‘Decimals’, ‘American’, or ‘Fractions’ format, and you can switch between these formats under the settings menu of our tool. Be careful to correctly enter the odds as provided by your bookmaker to get an accurate result.

The ‘Summary’ section of the calculator displays the results of your bet and is updated automatically. However, before results are updated, you have to select a ‘Stake Type’, which could either be ‘Stake Per Bet’ or ‘Total Combined Stake.’ Once this is done and you input your stake, our calculator provides the potential returns and profits based on the outcomes of your selections.

Super Yankee Bets Explained

A Super Yankee bet is a group of 26 different bet combinations from a selection of 5 sports events or betting markets. The Super Yankee bet is unique because it combines various types of multiple bets, including 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators, and 1 five-fold accumulator, all obtained from your initial selections.

Let’s assume you select five horses in five different races to bet on, as shown below:

  • Horse A to win
  • Horse B to win
  • Horse C to win
  • Horse D to win
  • Horse E to win

The return from a Super Yankee bet on the horse racing selections listed above is calculated from the following combinations:

Doubles (10 bets):

  • A + B
  • A + C
  • A + D
  • A + E
  • B + C
  • B + D
  • B + E
  • C + D
  • C + E
  • D + E

Trebles (10 bets):

  • A + B + C
  • A + B + D
  • A + B + E
  • A + C + D
  • A + C + E
  • A + D + E
  • B + C + D
  • B + C + E
  • B + D + E
  • C + D + E

Four-fold accumulators (5 bets):

  • A + B + C + D
  • A + B + C + E
  • A + B + D + E
  • A + C + D + E
  • B + C + D + E

Five-fold accumulator (1 bet):

  • A + B + C + D + E

If Horse A wins its race, the returns from your Super Yankee bet will be calculated based on combinations involving this horse. The same applies to Horses B, C, D, and E.

The total stake for a Super Yankee bet is usually: Unit Stake x 26. If your bookmaker requires you to provide a total combined stake, this amount will be evenly distributed across the 26 combinations of the Super Yankee bet.

Because the Super Yankee bet depends on combinations, you need a minimum of two selections to win to get any returns. Suppose Horse A wins its race and every other horse loses, you lose your entire Super Yankee bet, as none of the combinations would be won. However, if horses A, B, and C won their races, you’d get partial wins from the following combos:

  • A + B
  • A + C
  • B + C
  • A + B + C

How Our Super Yankee Bet Calculator Can Help You

In addition to making it possible to get results of a Super Yankee bet within seconds, some of the other ways our tool can enhance your betting experience include:

  • Providing a quick overview of how odds changes affect returns
  • Giving insight into which selections/combinations contribute the most to your bet
  • Accurate calculation of Super Yankee betting returns

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