Teaser Bet Calculator

Written by: Brian Webb
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Updated: June 12, 2024

Teasers, the most flexible type of accumulator bets, are wildly popular among football and basketball fans. Unlike conventional multi-bets, teasers allow players to change the point spread of desired outcomes at the expense of reduced payouts.

A teaser bet can be as small as a 3-leg bout or as large as featuring 12+ outcomes. Determining the estimated returns on such wagers can be time-consuming since you can and should experiment with different point spreads before submitting the wager.

That is where our teaser bet calculator comes into play. Instead of having to perform complex mathematical calculations for each option, you can simply fill the boxes with the odds for your chosen games, select the spread size, and learn how much you ought to gain.


Using Our Teaser Bet Calculator

To use this handy calculator tool, you only need to do the following – choose the point spread, determine the number of legs your teaser will have, and input your stake at the bottom.

The “Points” section allows you to increase the point spread by 6, 6.5, or 7. If you’ve made any selections in the next part (Teams), it will be automatically adjusted to fit the current spread once you tap the desired number.

The “Teams” board comprises two sub-sections; the odds for each spread are listed in rows while the numbers of legs your teaser will have are listed in columns.

The odds shown above are just examples. You can copy the odds from your preferred bookies in each box. Note that any changes to the odds table will not impact any other fields, and only the data you provide will be used to calculate the estimated teaser returns.

Tap on the field that matches your desired teaser setup. For example, if you wish to place a 3-leg teaser bet with a 6-point spread, select the box we highlighted in green. Up to twelve teams can be included.

Once the field is selected, you can delete the provisional example odds and input the desired ones, but they must be expressed in fractions. For example, decimal odds of 2.0 are 1/1 in fraction odds; 3.5 are 2.5/1, and so on. Most online bookies allow users to choose between American, Fractional, or Decimal odds, so simply select “Fractional”, and then copy the odds into the fields of our teaser calculator.

Lastly, you will need to input your desired wager at the bottom of the tool. Select the “Bet” field and enter the amount of money you wish to stake on your teaser bet and tap “Calculate Teaser”. For example, if you bet £50 on a 3-leg 6-point teaser with odds of 1/2, you can expect to earn £250.

The result will be displayed automatically using the current data, so if you make any changes, you will need to click on this button again.

Teaser Bet Calculator

Teaser Calculator Formula

Each online bookie uses different algorithms to calculate the prices and payouts for teaser bets. Our tool divides the prices of odds by the number of selected teams adjusted by the chosen point spread.

We have analysed teaser pricing models of numerous prominent UK bookies striving to provide you with the most accurate calculations. However, it is important to note that odds prices can change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances like weather changes or player injuries.

How Our Teaser Calculator Can Help You

Not all online bookies offer the same teaser betting conditions. Some offer more extensive coverage and allow you to place teasers outside of the classic basketball and football categories; others charge smaller commissions or don’t change their prices too frequently.

Knowing how draining and time-consuming the constant hunt for the best online bookies can be, we wanted to help you save time on updating odds and determining estimated returns on your wagers.

With our teaser calculator software, you can instantly update the odds from your preferred bookies as soon as they are changed, learning how much money you can earn with the new odds price.

Moreover, our tool allows you to flexibly examine the financial potential of various teaser combinations. After copying the odds, you can instantly learn their payouts across different spreads.


  • What are teaser bets?
    Teaser bets are multi-bets placed on at least three outcomes that allow players to adjust the point spread of each game. Compared to other types of accumulator wagers, teasers are slightly easier to win but offer reduced payouts.
  • What are point spreads in teaser bets?
    Point spreads or handicaps are additional winning conditions commonly present in spread and teaser betting relating to the difference in points between the favourites and the underdogs.
  • How are teaser payouts calculated?

    All online bookies use different formulas. Users can rely on our free Teaser Calculator Tool to instantly determine estimated returns.

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