Trixie Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: July 12, 2024

Our Trixie calculator is a simple tool that helps you calculate your potential profits and total payout of a Trixie bet you intend to place on any bookie. The calculator allows you to enter the odds for different selections and adjust certain conditions to work out the bet’s outcome.

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What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a multiple-bet option in which you make three selections that combine into four different bets on your betslip. These four bets include three doubles and one treble bet.

Although the Trixie bet is like an accumulator, it eliminates the all-or-nothing requirement of a typical accumulator. Instead, winning at least two selections in your Trixie bet means one of the double bets will be a winner.

Trixie Bet Selections

Since a Trixie bet consists of three selections, assume you have the following on a betslip:

  • Selection 1: Spain to beat France
  • Selection 2: England to beat the Netherlands
  • Selection 3: Uruguay to beat Colombia

From these selections, a Trixie bet will be set up into three doubles and a treble as follows:

  • Double 1: Selections 1 and 2
  • Double 2: Selections 1 and 3
  • Double 3: Selections 2 and 3
  • Treble: Selections 1, 2, and 3

So, if your selections 1 and 2 are correct while 3 is wrong, you only win the Double 1 but lose all other bets. However, if all selections are accurate, you win all bets.

On the calculator, you have fields to enter the outcome and odds of selections 1, 2, and 3. The odds are set to fractional format, but you can change them to American or Decimals format.

The outcome is set to ‘Win’ by default, with the option to pick other outcomes, including Loss, Placed (for Each Way bets), Dead Heat, Loss, or Void results.

Inputting Your Bets in Our Trixie Calculator

Unlike in accumulators where a £1 is a £1 total wager, a Trixie bet may have a stake per bet or total combined stake. Using our calculator, you can enter the Stake Per Bet or Total Combined Bet.

With the Stake Per Bet option, a £5 stake is the same as a £20 combined stake. On the other hand, a £5 stake with the Total Combined Stake option will be split into four bets of £1.25 each.

Each Way Bets

Our Trixie Calculator gives you the Yes or No option for the Each Way bet. You can enter the Place Odds for your selections if you pick the Yes option. However, if the Each Way is active, you now have eight total bets instead of four, so your stake is split eight ways.

Each Way bets allow you to place two separate bets on a selection. Although it’s more common in horse racing bets, football punters can also easily place them.

With Each Way bet, punters can predict the outcome (win or loss) of an event and the final position of a team or horse. In football bets, an example of an Each Way bet will be Liverpool winning the English Premier League title as the win bet, while the Place bet will be Liverpool finishing in the top five (considering the performances of Manchester City, Arsenal, and other teams in past seasons).

Rule 4

Rule 4 is a bookmaker’s deduction on your bet if one of your selections has a withdrawn participant or non-runner. These deductions are standard across bookmakers, so you can trust our Trixie calculator to provide the right results. Typically, this rule comes into play when a participant with odds of 14/1 or below cannot participate in an event.

Deductions due to Rule 4 are capped at 90% of your winnings, and the actual odds of the withdrawn participant determines the percentage deduction. Our Trixie bet calculator is set to allow players to enter a deduction for any of their picks if Rule 4 applies.

Rule 4 is popular in horse racing events, but there are other markets where bookmakers may apply this rule. Generally, it only applies when a participant withdraws from an event at the final minute, after bets have been taken. In horse racing, a horse is usually deemed a non-runner if it refuses to enter the stall or cannot make it to the track for one reason or another.

Calculate Your Results

The outcome of the Trixie bet is equal to the sum of the payouts from each individual bet (Double 1 + Double 2 + Double 3 + Treble).

With the Trixie bet calculator, your results are calculated in real time, so you can see your returns and profits as you enter the necessary values on the calculator. There is a field for the Total Stake, Return, and Profit, so you can adjust as much as you want to determine the appropriate amount for decent returns.

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