Easy to follow guide to the Over 0.5 Goals Betting Strategy

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: June 13, 2024

Football is the most popular sport in the world. There are numerous matches played around the globe almost daily, so bettors have the option to utilise a variety of football betting strategies and tools to make use of whenever placing a bet on a match.

There are many factors that influence a betting strategy. The odds obviously play a big role in decisions, you are always looking for value and how you can make the most profit from as little outlay as possible. Then of course you must consider the unpredictability of sport. You might think you have bet on a team that is a ‘sure thing’ but there is a big injury or red card early doors in the game and your bet goes up in flames (unless you bet on Man City after January, which is as sure a thing as you can get).

Over 0.5 goals strategy

Whether you prefer betting on the underdog or favourites, everyone falls into some sort of overall betting strategy. One of the most popular betting strategies is simply betting on the outcome of one match or several, but getting them all correct is difficult. This is why bettors look to other popular betting strategies, one being the 0.5 goals option. But what is this strategy about?

The Over 0.5 Betting Strategy Explained

There are many goals scored strategies available, and the over 0.5 goals is the safest one. You’re looking to predict the number of goals scored in a particular match. For example, bettors might go for the total goals scored, and if there are enough goals that go over the threshold the bet is winning one.

When you bet on over 0.5 goals this means that during the match there will be at least a goal scored on either side. So, it would make sense for this to be over 1 goal right? But 0.5 goals makes it clear that a minimum of 1 goal is needed.

Naturally, this bet won’t always work. You are looking for teams who are struggling in front of goal and waiting for them to play each other. We wouldn’t advise Liverpool at home to Sheffield Utd as a 0.5 goals bet, for example.  At the other end of the spectrum, teams often cancel each other out, 7.5% of Premier League matches end 0-0 which means that no goals are scored and the bet is lost. The odds don’t usually go in the bet’s favour as they are rather small. But there’s a way to make this bet work.

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Making the Bet Work

The bet is pretty simple to understand and now that you know about it, it’s a good idea to understand how it works in practice. But first, you must start with setting a limit. In other words, you should always limit your budget for each betting session. Also, it’s a good idea to set your goals regarding your wins and losses. Once you do that you’ll need to keep to your set goals, meaning you don’t lose what you can’t afford to lose.

When it comes to making the bet work, you’ll need to look for the bet with odds around 1.10. The bet isn’t that common in big leagues so you might find it in the smaller leagues. You’ll need to place several bets and clear them as quickly as possible. You can take this a step further and place the same bet on similar odds. You can repeat the process until you’ve earned your specified amount. If you lose you can start again.

You can also increase your chances of getting a good return, by tying your bets in with one of the bookies free bet offers. These generally give you a free bet worth a set amount, when you wager an amount.

The Pros and Cons of the 0.5 Betting Strategy


There are pros and cons to every betting strategy, the over 0.5 goals betting strategy included. The best part about this one is that there’s a 80% chance that you’ll win all your bets. That type of strike-rate is excellent overall and means any severe losses are few and far between. Additionally, tips are only sent for specific games where tipsters or the form guide reveals there is an upcoming game with a high chance of 0.5 goals. This means only betting when conditions are ideal, so you are not just forcing a bet for something to do. Very much quality over quantity.


No form of betting is perfect.  Just one loss will eliminate your winning streak and you’ll need to start over again. You can reinvest your winnings from one bet to another and these bets are common with smaller leagues, as mentioned before, so you’ll minimize the possible risks. Don’t forget to quit after you’ve reached your set goal for wins.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is football has become a huge global source of entertainment. The game is now set up in a way that encourages more goals than ever before with the money involved. Nobody wants to see a 0-0 draw, they would much rather a 4-4 draw. Always look at the form guide and stats before betting. It can be tricky to nail a low scoring game.

Of course, this strategy is just one of many that you can use, there are also plenty of other options which we highlight in our betting guides pages.

0.5 Goals Betting Example

The good news is, placing a 0.5 goals bet is straightforward, just take a look at the below screenshot:

Can you make money betting over 0.5 goals in a soccer game (over 0.5 FT)? - Quora

Whatever sports betting site you are using, just navigate your way to the game you want to bet on, and there will be a range of different types of bets available. Click on goals, and here you will have the option to bet on over/under a certain amount. Click under 0.5, enter your state and submit. Away you go, not you just watch and hope your prediction was right.


This is a simple guide to the over 0.5 goals betting strategy, as stated in the title of the article. Remember to be patient and go for the selections with a strong betting value as they will give you a better chance. It is always a good idea to look at English Football League games rather than just the big games in the Premier League.

There are far more games in the EFL which means far more opportunities for you to make some money and get your 0.5 goals betting strategy perfected.

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