Asian Handicap Table – Guide and Examples

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: June 13, 2024

Asian handicap betting involves predicting the winner of a football match while factoring in the goal advantage or disadvantage given to the team by the bookie. Asian handicap is a two-way market, and there is no possibility of a draw. However, pushes and half wins and losses are possible.

Consult our table below to see the different ways you can win an Asian handicap bet based on the handicap provided by the bookmaker.

HandicapTeam ResultBet ResultHandicapTeam ResultBet Result
DrawStake RefundDrawStake Refund
-0.25DrawHalf Lose+0.25DrawHalf Win
-0.75Win by 2+Win+0.75WinWin
Win by 1Half WinDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Half Lose
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.00Win by 2+Win+1.00WinWin
Win by 1Stake RefundDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Half Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.25Win by 2+Win+1.25WinWin
Win by 1Half LoseDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Half Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.50Win by 2+Win+1.50WinWin
Win by 1LoseDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
-1.75Win by 3+Win+1.75WinWin
Win by 2Half WinDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2Half Lose
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose
-2.00Win by 3+Win+2.00WinWin
Win by 2Stake RefundDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2Stake Refund
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose

Understanding Our Asian Handicap Table

Our Asian handicap table shows whether your bet will win, lose, or be a push based on the match result and the handicap you locked in. To use the table simply:

  1. Scroll down the table until you find the handicap you bet on, e.g., -1.25
  2. Move along the columns and stop when you land on the match result, e.g., Win by 2+ goals
  3. If your bet won, then to calculate your payout, multiply the decimal odds you received by your stake, e.g., £100 x 2.00 = £200
  4. If you half lose, then you’ll receive 50% of your stake back
  5. If you half win, then you multiply your stake by the odds you received and multiply the result by 50%, e.g., £100 x 2.00 x 0.5 = £100

Thanks to our easy-to-navigate table, you can instantly figure out the result of your Asian handicap bets.

What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

With Asian handicap betting, you’re gambling on a team based on the + or – goal handicap placed on them by the bookie. For example, if you bet on Arsenal to beat Man City at +1.5 and they lose 2-1, your bet still pays out because when you add the +1.5 goal advantage, they won the game.

The opposite situation can also occur. Let’s say you bet on Chelsea to beat Fulham at -1.5 goals, and Chelsea only wins 1-0. When you deduct the negative goal handicap, Chelsea actually loses the game.

Asian Handicap Vs. European Handicap Betting

In both Asian and European handicaps, the bookie gives the underdog goals and deducts goals from the favourite. The key difference is Asian handicap is a two-way market where a draw is not possible whereas European handicap is a three-way market, and you can bet on a draw.

As Asian handicap is a two-way market, pushes where you receive 100% of your stake back are possible, as are half wins and losses. In contrast, if you made a European handicap bet on a favourite with a -2 handicap and your team wins 2-0, your wager loses. However, in this exact same scenario with an Asian handicap bet, you’d get your stake refunded.

Asian handicaps are typically non-integers, for example, 1.5, while European handicaps are whole numbers like 1.00. Non-integer handicaps make it impossible for the game to end in a draw.

Pros and Cons of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap eliminates the dreaded draw, which is a very frustrating aspect of European handicap betting. It’s also a great way to get better odds on the favourite if you don’t mind your team starting the match down a goal or two!

Unlike exotic props, where the bookie’s take can be over 10%, Asian handicap markets have some of the lowest commissions. You can find bets with margins under 3%, which gives you a good chance of becoming a long-term winner. It is a really good betting tool to use if you regularly wager on football matches.

Another advantage of Asian handicap betting is it eliminates big favourites and heavy underdogs. By placing handicaps on both teams, the game suddenly becomes a 50/50 contest, making it much more interesting to watch.

On the flip side, Asian handicap betting is trickier than your standard 1X2 wager. This is because if you use an Asian handicap bet to back a favourite, you’re not only predicting them to win but are gambling on them winning by a certain margin. For example, let’s say you bet on Liverpool to beat Chelsea at -1.5; you are betting on Liverpool to not only emerge victorious but to win the match by at least two goals.


  • Better odds on favourites
  • Turns football handicap betting into win or loss market (draw not possible)
  • Low margins
  • Your bet can win even if your team draws or loses
  • Matches become 50/50 contests


  • More complex than 1X2 betting
  • You need to predict goals and winning margin

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