Free Bet Records Spreadsheet to Track Your Progress

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: June 14, 2024

Follow this link to view and download our spreadsheet to keep track of your betting:

Record Spreadsheet

Experienced punters always keep tabs on their bets, giving them clear insights into how much they’re winning and losing with each stake. Moreover, proper documentation of each wager can help you compare stakes at different bookies and analyze your betting strategies.

Although you can put your bets on paper, we have a simpler, more time-efficient solution. Our free bet records spreadsheet features simple functions and built-in mathematical formulas that you can use to manage all your stakes and learn how each wager performs.

Bet Records Spreadsheet Explained

At, we’re committed to providing bettors with easy-to-use, beginner-friendly free calculator tools. Our bet table features several automated functions that require minimal user input, enabling you to keep accurate records for each month.

Our free bet table is divided into two parts. The first part requires you to input the basic specs of your stakes, such as game date, sports category, teams, wager type, stake size, and odds. Here’s how it works:

Textual Records

We purposely didn’t automate this section so that you can flexibly arrange the table to fit your gambling needs. For example, you may place multiple wagers today, none tomorrow, and a single one the day after. You may be laser-focused on football or a player who prefers spreading their bets across multiple categories.

Below is a short list of the fields you can fill out in our Bet Record Table:

  • Game Date: enter the date when you placed your stakes
  • Sports Category: you can type in the sports category, the competition, or the players you bet on
  • Home/Away Team: enter the teams to remember what your wagers were about
  • Wager Type: keep track of your straight, arb, spread, acca, and totals
  • Odds: input the odds of each game in the decimal format
  • Result: once the match concludes, enter “Win”, “Loss”, or “Tie”
  • Bookie: input the name or the website of the online bookie you placed the wager
  • Monthly Deposits/Cashouts: enter how much you’ve deposited or cashed out from the chosen bookie

These non-automated fields are fully customizable, so feel free to word the content the way you see fit. For example, you don’t need to input the official name of your chosen teams; you can input “Football – Spanish Serie A” or simply “Football”.

Data Table

The last two fields are automated and will use the data you input to calculate your winnings and total bankroll.

  • Balance: You only need to input how much cash you currently have deposited at an online bookie; the remaining fields automatically add or subtract balance based on your wins and losses.
  • To Win: This field will calculate your estimated earnings based on the data from the “Stake” and “Odds” fields.

Using Our Bet Records Spreadsheet

This simple free bet records spreadsheet was purposefully designed to be as intuitive as possible. Follow these simple steps to start using this tool.

  1. Download our free bet records spreadsheet and input the date of your wager in “Game Date”.
  2. Type the name of the sports category next.
  3. Enter the names of teams or players in “Away Team” and “Home Team”.
  4. Input the type of your stake in the “Wager Type” field.
  5. Enter the size of each bet in the “Stake” fields.
  6. Copy the odds from your chosen bookie and input them in the “Odds”.
  7. Enter the result as “Win”, “Lose”, or “Tie” in the following field.
  8. Type the name of the bookie you placed the wager at.
  9. Enter the amount you deposited or cashed out in “Monthly Deposits/Cashouts” or leave blank if no changes were made during this month.
  10. Enter the starting balance in the first field of the “Balance” field.

Bet Records Formulas

Our free bet records spreadsheet tool uses basic mathematical formulas to update your balance and give you an accurate estimate of your potential winnings (or losses) for each stake.

The “Balance” field will add the cash you won or subtract the cash you lost depending on the outcome of individual wagers. The “To Win” field uses the odds and stake data you provided to determine how much you can win.


  • What is a bet record spreadsheet?
    A bet record spreadsheet is a table where users can accurately document their wagers at different bookies.
  • Why should I use a bet record spreadsheet?
    You can always see how much money you have left at any given bookie, just like you can see how much you can potentially win for individual stakes. However, keeping track of multiple bets allows you to efficiently manage your bankroll, analyze the performance of each stake, and compare odds at different bookies.
  • Is this bet record table free?

    All tools and calculators at are completely free to use.

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