Betfair Bet History Analyser

If you aren’t currently making on profit on betfair it could be down to your staking habbits. Many people have gone too big on a bet or two and this can really distort your results.

This page analyses your betfair Bet History and compares your actual return on investment (ROI) with your ROI had you bet the same amount on each bet. This can help you to determine whether you actually have an edge and are finding value and also if you’d be better off betting to level stakes.

The analysis also splits the bets into returns for back bets and lay bets separately so you can see which bet type is proving more successful to you. This is particularly useful for traders.

Here are the key things the betfair analysis tool will tell you:

1) How much your back bets made compared to lay bets so you can see which served you best

2) How much profit/loss you made both backing and laying at odds on

3) How much profit/loss you made both backing and laying at odds of evens and above

4) Compares your actual return % to what it would have been betting the same amount on each bet

5) Further level stake based analysis

To make use of this tool you need to do the following:

1) Download your Bet History file from betfair which can be obtained in the My Account section of the betfair Exchange. Now accessible from the activity dropdown. Choose settled bets and the time period your interested in. The maximum is 3 months but you can email betfair to get sent a longer period than this.

2) Click File and save it as a .csv file to your desktop.

3) Submit the file below and the analysis will appear underneath.

You can use this short example to see how it works (save it to your desktop and submit): BetHistoryExample.csv

Please note we do not store any of the data inserted or processed on this page. The tool doesn’t take commission into account as this varies and is not provided by betfair in the bet history data. If you have any problems or questions about this tool please contact us.