Tipster Rules

1. Each tipster must specialise in 1 sport per profile but can request a different profile for another sport or the same sport if a different strategy is chosen. An example of this might be a profile for football underdogs and another profile for favourites.

2. Each tipster is limited to 5 picks per day and 35 per week (Mon-Sun) for 3-star tipsters and above. 1 and 2-star tipsters receive 21 tips per week.

3. Tips must be submitted at least 1 hour before the scheduled start time. The system records the time the tip was posted so we can tell if this isn’t the case and the tip will be deleted.

4. Tip reasons are now mandatory. Key points don’t have to be longer than a sentence or two but those who go to the effort of decent write-ups will qualify for additional prize money (See below).

5. Tips based on a bookmaker error in the odds will be deleted.

6. Lay tipsters do not qualify for prizes at the moment but may change if there are more entrants.

7. Please check the tip info page of your submitted bet carefully. If it’s not clear who the tip is for please make sure you add a comment to the tip to clarify. You can also explain in the reasons section and it’s your responsibility to make it clear who the tip is for.

8. A minimum of 10 picks required per month to be eligible for a prize.

9. Tips results are based on the settled date/time and a tip begins at 23:00 hrs on the last day of the month and finishes after 00:00 it will count towards the next month.

10. Tipsters must have a positive record at the end of the month to be eligible for prizes and any tipster with more than -500.00 units may be removed from the competition.

11. Prizes are paid in the form of cash via PayPal.

12. We reserve the right to exclude tipsters that demonstrate unethical tipster behavior such as prize hunting.

13. No accumulators tips, doubles or trebles, etc are allowed.

14. A maximum of 5 tips per tournament per tipster are permitted including top 10 finishes, wins for quarter or any other overall market.

15. If a bookmaker is paying extra places on a race/selection please make sure you specify this in the comments, otherwise, it will be settled as per the usual placing rules.

16. Only one tip per selection is allowed even if the odds are different.

Prize allocation

Prizes are available for both the racing/golf and other sports tables and will be allocated as follows:

  • 1st Prize -> £25
  • 2nd Prize -> £15
  • 3rd Prize -> £10
  • 4th Prize -> £5
  • 5th Prize -> £5

*** Double Prize Money! ***

Double prize money is awarded to our gold-star tipsters. Our gold star tipsters are tipsters who display excellent insight and reasoning and are reviewed at the end of each month.