Betting Guides & Resources for US Handicappers

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: July 9, 2024

To place your first sports bet, all you need to do is open an account, deposit, and bet on your favorite team. However, being a successful long-term bettor requires betting knowledge, encompassing the following areas which we cover BettingTools:

  • Betting strategy guides
  • Guides on betting terms
  • Information on different sports markets
  • Understanding various betting systems
  • Reading American odds and comparing odds
  • Using expert tips to verify your picks

In addition to the basics, our experts also provide guides on advanced betting markets and unique betting strategies. By bookmarking this page, you can always come back to view these guides and get quick access to our latest updates.

Our Guides

Benefits of Following BettingTools’ Guides

BettingTools provides a comprehensive list of betting guides, but we also offer other valuable tools for beginners and veterans.

With many of our experts providing their input, you can access strategy guides that give you a better idea of how to pick the best odds, where to open an account, the best bonuses to claim from top US sportsbooks, growing your bankroll with parlays, and many more. Our guides are practical and actionable, empowering you to make informed betting decisions.

Our experts also understand that sports betting success is more than finding the correct picks and odds; it is also about excellent betting psychology. As a result, you’ll benefit from various guides that help you deal with negative tendencies and biases so you always remain a rational bettor. We help you overcome overconfidence, herd mentality, gambler’s fallacy, and more.

There is a lot more on offer at BettingTools, such as our odds and payout calculators, expert picks for upcoming events, etc. To keep up with the latest information, bookmarking this page can help, but we recommend subscribing to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on our picks and strategy updates too. Our ongoing support and updates will keep you reassured and connected in your betting journey.

Alex, a ten-year iGaming industry veteran and Managing Editor at BettingTools specializes in sports betting and betting tools. He also provides insightful reviews, ensures the accuracy of all offers, and maintains content quality helping you make informed choices. Combining professional expertise with a passion for football and soccer, Alex ensures we offer you a reliable resource, focusing on betting tools to assist with odds, accas, and other betting strategies.