5 Tips to be Safe While Gaming Online

More people are gaining interest in online gaming each day. The resulting technological advancements in the online gaming industry continue to pose safety challenges. Like every other activity that requires internet use, online gaming poses several threats, including cyberbullying, access to inappropriate content, and privacy issues.

If you’re going to play online games, you need to know how to ensure your safety. In this article, we highlight some of the ways you can avoid the safety challenges brought about by online gaming. Here are five tips to help ensure your data remains safe.

Hold on to Your Personal Information

You need to know what information to offer online and what not to. Some cases of identity theft occur to people who gave too much personal information online. Before you agree to play a game, check the game’s website on their terms and condition and how the information you offer gets protected.

Also, avoid using the personal information on the username as it can compromise you, and someone can impersonate you. Even when you get close with another online player, never reveal to them all your information. Remember, they are strangers who may have malicious intentions.

Personal information includes your phone number, age, email, and address of the place you live in. Don’t give any clue of your age or name on your user name. In most cases, adults will meet young people online and act like they are the same age as them and like they can relate to everything they say. With time the young people find themselves feeling safe and giving them the information they shouldn’t.

Use a strong password that contains numbers, words, and a unique combination of symbols. This to make sure no person can access your account and use it for all the wrong reasons. When you are giving someone your PC or any other gadget, log out of your account to ensure your safety.

Check the Licensing and Original Games

Before you sign up for any slots online, ensure it is licensed, so the information you give when signing up is safe and protected from other parties. Visit the game’s website and search the policy section to see if the game is licensed and how they plan to use the data you give. You also get to learn your rights as a participant and where to report, should anything go wrong.

Besides your safety, unlicensed games offer lower chances of winning since the casino owner manipulates the results. In a licensed game, that can never happen as it’s prohibited, and all the activities are regulated.

It’s possible to get games that use a fake licensing number, hoping the players will not check. Look for tools online that check the game’s legality. You can also tell the game’s legality by checking the bonuses they offer. A reward that is too high should be a red flag.

Licensed games, especially the casino’s RNG, are inspected by licensing authorities, and the code is “sealed” to make sure the operators don’t tamper with it.

Also, always use the original game to play, such as Fire Joker and not the pirated one. Pirated games aren’t usually updated to the latest version, and that will affect your whole gaming experience.

Using a pirated version risks your computer or gadget getting viruses that will affect its operation. In extreme cases, the virus may end up crushing the gadget.

Report Cyberbullying

When you participate in online gaming, you interact with all kinds of people. For that reason, you should be keen on who you interact with. If you are uncomfortable, perhaps with the questions the other person is asking, block them.

Some gamers may be helpful and offer a few tips, while others may use foul language and try to take advantage of you. If you sense anyone trying to cyber bully you, report them so the game management can deal with them.

Game manufacturers are working hard to make sure they provide a safe and fun gaming environment for everyone. By reporting, you help as such people are blocked from the game and serve as examples to others.

Use the Parental-Control Function for Your Kids

Why do manufacturers add the ‘parental-control’ function to a computer?

As a parent or guardian with children who love gaming online, always ensure that the parental-control feature is enabled. This feature will give you the power to monitor and regulate the games your children play. Some games have graphics that are harmful to a child’s brain. Some online games with an adult target audience contain provocative adverts that a child should not watch. 

As a responsible parent who wants the best for their children, it’s advisable to take advantage of gaming systems’ numerous safety settings. Whenever you buy your child a new gaming console, go through the operating menu to learn about how parental controls work on gaming consoles. Research and find out how to configure the settings.

As a young online player, it helps when your parents have as much interest in your online gaming as you do. That way, you play together with the child and learn what they do online. Engage in an open conversation with your parents and listen to what they tell you about the threats posed by online gaming. It will help you work towards an effective solution to these safety concerns together.

Install an Antivirus

Have you ever realized that some safety issues are by the issues we believe to be non-issues? Most online games don’t see the essence of having a fully functional antivirus.

You may have had trouble getting to the next level while playing online because games get designed to be challenging. You then decide to use a ‘cheat’ code or program to get a shortcut without spending so much time on the game. However, downloading the ‘cheat’ code may contain a virus or spyware that you can not easily detect.  

Avoid downloading unofficial cheat codes from unknown sources. These are unlikely to perform the trick you want and will most likely do more harm than good to your computer. Only download official upgrades and levels for your online games.


Online gaming poses a threat to some of your sensitive information. In some cases, you give consent to the gaming site by clicking the accept button on the terms and conditions page. In other situations, the information gets accessed without your knowledge and approval.

Using the above-discussed tips will help you stay safe as you play online. Employ these tips to ensure you enjoy each online game you play without having to worry about a leak of your sensitive information. Let your safety remain as your priority in online gaming.