Written by: Alex Windsor
Updated: July 9, 2024

The iGaming craze is nothing new. Since online gambling became a major phenomenon in the early 2000s, millions of people now log onto their favourite casinos each day to enjoy the thrill of betting.

Because of the significant demand created by these players, more online casinos are available than ever. At the time of this article, the UK is home to 175, each licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and offering a wide variety of games to eager players.

Almost as important as a decent collection of games or tools to place bets is the payment providers these casinos support. These payment options allow players to transact safely and easily so that they can focus on more important things – like playing.

Despite the UK being home to many payment methods, some are much more widely accepted than others. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best payment methods to use at UK online casinos. These methods will ensure your gameplay is uninterrupted by the hassle of depositing into your account.

Visa & Mastercard

The most popular way to pay in the UK and internationally is using Visa or Mastercard debit cards. Considering the two issuing companies have distributed more than 4.06 billion debit cards internationally as of the end of 2023, almost every player has access to at least one of these cards.

After the government made the move to stop players from depositing using their credit cards in 2020, many UK players have switched to using their debit cards without a hitch. Despite no official statistics, debit card payment is commonly believed to be the most popular deposit method among UK punters.

The popularity of this payment method has multiple contributing factors. Chief among these is that payments are instant and are backed by the security of Visa 3D Secure and Mastercard SecureCode. Making a deposit using a debit card is also incredibly easy and requires no additional account or information.


Operated from across the pond, PayPal remains one of the best ways to make a casino deposit in the UK. The platform, credited as being one of the first modern e-wallets, has grown to become an international behemoth and is used in more than 200 countries.

Due to its widespread use, many UK online casinos offer support for this payment method. Payments made using it are immediate and help protect gamblers who may not be comfortable providing their bank card details directly to an online casino.

Among the noticeable downsides to using PayPal are the sizeable service fees and the requirement to have an account into which you’ve deposited funds or one that is linked to a bank card. These factors, however, can be overlooked because of the convenience of the payment method.

Revolut Pay

UK punters who prefer homegrown payment methods can search casino Revolut Pay and find several great operators that support it. Based in London, the payment processor was established in 2015 and has grown to support more than 150 countries.

Part of the provider’s biggest allure is the broad support of online casinos, which have come to trust the platform’s exceptional security. The company employs over 2,500 staff, who saved more than £200 million in fraud in 2022. For gamblers, this is incredibly reassuring.

Like PayPal, however, Revolut Pay requires an active account with funds or a linked account. There are also minimal service fees, which can easily be ignored because payments occur instantly.


Despite facing many sceptics, crypto has grown to become a prevalent payment method internationally. Offering the security of blockchain technology and the anonymity you may be looking for when gambling online, the iGaming industry has widely begun supporting crypto payments.

Alongside this security and privacy, crypto payments are nearly instant and attract very little to no fees. Making payments using this method also means you don’t have to supply any payment information to the online casinos, as the payment is made from within your secure wallet to the casino’s casino wallet address.

Negating some of crypto’s benefits is the fact that some crypto sites aren’t licensed by the UK Gambling Commission but may still allow players from the UK. When encountering one of these, it is best to look for a properly licensed alternative. Doing so ensures another layer of security and can significantly improve your gambling experience.

Apple Pay

The Apple iPhone has been the go-to device for UK users for several years. Launching in 2014, Apple Pay has attracted 69% of people who use mobile payment services – far outstripping alternatives like PayPal and Google Pay.

With so many people using the service, Apple Pay has become increasingly popular as a payment method supported by online casinos. Allowing seamless payments using your Apple Pay account, deposits are instant and free of service fees.

The one downside to using this payment method is that it requires a linked debit card. Therefore, your card information will still be processed during the depositing process. However, this is virtually immaterial as Apple has stringent security measures to protect this information, and any payment requires verification using your iPhone.


Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is one of the world’s leading e-wallets. Almost all online casinos support it, and it works as a silent middleman between your linked bank account and the casino in which you’re depositing money.

Ensuring your security, Skrill allows instant deposits, often with no service fees. Where fees are charged, they are so small you can easily forget about them. All payments also require you to verify the transaction through a PIN or two-factor authentication, adding to the protection.


Often supported alongside Skrill, Neteller is a massively popular international e-wallet that offers the same convenience and security as many other alternatives. The provider is so popular that in the early 2000s, almost 85% of all iGaming transactions were conducted using it.

Like other e-wallets, Skrill doesn’t share your card or banking information with online casinos, providing you with additional security when transacting. Neteller also hosts cryptocurrency support for those who deal in crypto and allows payments to fiat-currency casinos using your crypto balance.

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