Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
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Updated: July 12, 2024

Quickly work out your potential earnings from a Lucky 63 bet with our free Lucky 63 bet calculator.

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You could lose an afternoon figuring out your return from a Lucky 63 bet, as you need to add 63 different wagers. Luckily, with our calculator, just enter your stake and the odds for each horse, and instantly, you’ll find out your potential profit!

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What Is a Lucky 63 Bet?

A Lucky 63 bet is a sports wager, usually on horse racing, made up of the following 63 bets:

  • Singles – 6
  • Doubles – 15
  • Trebles – 20
  • Four-Folds – 15
  • Five-Folds – 6
  • Six-Fold Accumulator – 1

With a Lucky 63 bet, you wager on six horses running in six separate races to win. As you’re making 63 wagers, you multiply your stake by 63. For example, a £10 stake requires a £630 outlay.

How Does Our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator Work?

Our Lucky 63 bet calculator adds up all of the odds for your wagers and then calculates your return and profit based on your stake. You can easily swap selections and alter the odds to see how it impacts your Lucky 63 bet.

As races take place, you can update the results, for example, Horse A wins its race, but Horse B loses. Then, our Lucky 63 bet calculator will recalculate your potential profit.

How to Use Our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator?

To quickly calculate your Lucky 63 bet returns and profit, follow these steps:

  1. Select your odds type (decimal or fractional)
  2. Enter your stake, e.g., £10
  3. Type in the odds for each of your six horses or teams
  4. Scroll down and see your potential returns and profit

Is the Lucky 63 Bet Worth It?

A Lucky 63 bet is worth it in the right scenario. Typically, your best shot at winning is finding races with horses who are very strong favourites. Creating a Lucky 63 bet filled with longshots is a recipe for disaster.

What we like to do is look for horses with the shortest odds and then perform a deep dive. We look at the horse’s trainer, bloodline, big wins, recent form, the type of runner they are and what track conditions they perform well in. Only once we’ve found a horse that we have total faith in do we add it to our Lucky 63 bet.

Even though Lucky 63 bets are far less risky than standard trebles or four-folds, they are still not for the faint of heart. You could win a few singles and still end up losing a ton, as 50+ of your other bets miss. However, you’re compensated for this risk by the potential for sky-high returns.

A Lucky 63 bet is a great way to get amazing returns on strong favourites. But you better have deep pockets because you are making 63 different wagers. A modest £20 stake will cost you £1,260!


  • How much does a Lucky 63 bet cost?
    A Lucky 63 bet costs 63x your stake. So if you enter a £1 stake, a Lucky 63 bet will cost £63, while if you set a £100 stake, it’ll set you back £6,300!
  • How does a Lucky 63 bet work?
    With a Lucky 63 bet, you select 6 horses running in 6 different races and bet on them to win. You then create the following 63 wagers covering all possible combinations:
    • 6 Singles
    • 15 Doubles
    • 20 Trebles
    • 15 Four-Folds
    • 6 Five-Folds
    • 1 Six-Fold Accumulator
  • Is a Lucky 63 better than a Heinz?

    A Heinz bet offers higher returns and requires less outlay as it features 57 wagers. However, a Lucky 63 bet gives you more opportunities to win as it features 6 additional singles wagers.

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