Yankee Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: July 12, 2024

The purpose of a Yankee bet calculator is to help you work out the potential returns on a Yankee bet. Since a Yankee bet involves a total of eleven bets (six doubles, four trebles, and one quadruple bet) created from four separate selections, figuring out the outcome on your own can be a bit challenging. This calculator does all the heavy-lifting, making it easy to incorporate this system into your strategy.

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Using Our Yankee Bet Calculator

Some Yankee bet calculators are complicated just to look at, but ours keeps it clear and simple. Using the tool requires you to punch in a few details, namely the odds for each of your selections and your stake. Since the Yankee bet is most common for horse racing, you can also add conditions like each-way, Rule 4 and dead heat that may apply to your bet. The calculator will factor all these in when displaying the possible returns.

  • Each way – Combines win and place outcomes for each selection but requires you to double your bet
  • Rule4 – Applies a deduction on your winnings if a horse is withdrawn from the race after you’ve placed a bet
  • Dead heat – Adjusts your payouts should two or more horses be tied for the win

How the Yankee Bet Calculator Works

A Yankee bet offers full coverage across four selections, resulting in a total of eleven bets. The bet combinations include six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.

Assuming the four selections that make up your wager are A, B, C, and D. The 11 bets will be as follows:

  • Six doubles – AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD
  • Four trebles – ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD
  • One four-fold acca – ABCD

The calculator will instantly work out these different combinations and produce the total returns achieved by adding these 11 bets together. Remember that your winning return depends on the odds for each event. Your stake is also crucial to the outcome of the Yankee bet. If you select a £1 stake, this will be automatically multiplied by the total number of bets for a total overlay of £11.

Other Settings on the Yankee Bet Calculator

With a Yankee bet, you only need two of the eleven bets to win in order to get a payout. And the calculator also helps to work out potential winnings if some of your bets lose. There are settings for the outcome of each selection – Win, Lose, or Void. Adjust them accordingly to see the different potential winnings possible.


  • Why should you use a Yankee bet calculator?
    A Yankee bet calculator makes it easy to find the potential returns on a Yankee bet, which can be difficult to do manually.
  • Is the Yankee bet calculator accurate?
    Yes, our Yankee bet calculator returns accurate results every time. The output depends on the odds and stakes you’ve entered, so make sure you enter correct data.
  • Can a Yankee bet calculator calculate dead heat outcomes?

    The best Yankee bet calculators will account for a dead heat and other conditions like each way and Rule 4. Our tool accounts for dead heat on up to 4 horses, dividing your stake appropriately and recalculating potential returns.

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