Apply to be a Tipster With BettingTools

Being a tipster on this site is a great way to make some more money from your betting! Compete to win a share of over £250 worth of monthly cash prizes and earn more if you are good enough to be a premium tipster.

After gaining a good following on sites like this, many tipsters go on to create their own blog and are able to charge monthly fees for their tips. I know one tipster who regularly makes more than £1,000 per month just from his winning tips.

Betting Tools - How to become a tipster

If you’d like to become a Tipster, simply register using the form below. An email will be sent to you with details of your registration. Our tipster competitions have been closed for a few months but they will soon be coming back! If you want to be involved, please add your details below to the Google form and we will be in touch in due course.

We are getting a lot of applications now so please only apply if you are prepared to give lots of reasoning for your tips and demonstrate this in your example.

If you want to join our tipster community and feel you have what it takes for fellow punters to help beat the bookies, then please get in touch. You need to have an active social media account (either on X/Twitter, or a Facebook Page/community) and a proven track record. We only want to work with winners at BettingTools. Let’s hope that is you!