Fourfold Bet Calculator

Written by: Alex Windsor
Fact checked by Brian Webb  
Updated: July 12, 2024

BettingTools’ fourfold bet calculator is an advanced, specially designed tool for estimating returns from your accumulator bet. It’s optimized for any system or device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and can work out your profit and returns from a 4-selection acca in a split second.

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I will explain exactly how to use BettingTools’ 4-fold calculator and why you need it instead of a regular one. Do you need even more options? Take a look at our betting calculator which has over 15 calculators in one.

What is a Fourfold Calculator?

A fourfold calculator is a simple-to-use device for calculating potentially complex variables and odds formats to determine your payout and profit.

To use it, you must input the odds for each of your 4 selections and type in the size of your stake. However, depending on the sport, there could be several other variables you may need to customize on your fourfold calculator.

Once you type/select the values and adjust any special conditions, the calculator will automatically quantify your total potential payout and profit.

How to Use Our Fourfold Bet Calculator

To calculate your profit and payout with our fourfold calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Select bet type. Here you simply select ‘fourfold’ from the dropdown menu. You’ll also see fivefolds, sixfolds, and so on.
  2. Set the odds. Depending on how the odds are printed onto your digital bet slip, you should adjust the 4-fold calculator’s odds to that format, whether fractional or decimal.
  3. Stake. In the ‘Stake’ textbox, type the amount of your fourfold stake. You can type an amount as low as £0.10.
  4. Rule 4, Dead Heat, Each Way. Select one or more of these boxes if you want one of these specific terms to apply to your selections (applies to horse and greyhound racing).
  5. Input odds. Type or copy the odds for each of the 4 selections in the relevant odds box.
  6. Outcome. You’ll see a win/place column to the right of the odds. A dropdown menu allows you to set the outcome for each selection.
  7. See the total bet. Your Total Stake is shown at the bottom of the calculator. The total stake varies based on whether you bet each-way.
  8. See your returns. Once you’re done, our fourfold calculator will instantly provide a sum of your total potential payout and profit.

Terms Explained

If you’re betting on horse racing, there are a few settings and adjustments you can make on our fourfold bet calculator to finetune your calculations. We already mentioned some above, such as Rule 4 (R4), Dead Heat (DH), and Each Way (E/W).

  • Rule 4 is applied if one of the runners is pulled out before the race starts. When runners withdraw, the odds and payout will be re-calculated without that runner.
  • Dead heat is applied when 2 or more runners are deemed winners. If you tick the DH box on our calculator, a new column will appear where you can select the number of horses in the DH.
  • Each way is betting on a runner to win or place in one of the top positions (could be the first 3, 4, or even 5). If you tick the Each Way box on our calculator, an EW column will appear to select the number of places (up to 5).

Note: Each way bets cost more. For example, if you bet on 4 runners with even money odds, your payout will be £16 on a £1 stake. However, if you make a fourfold bet E/W, the stake is doubled (£2), and the payout rises to £18.44.

Why You Need Our Fourfold Bet Calculator

Perhaps you’re making a fourfold football bet and want to use a normal calculator. Suddenly, you see that calculating some odds formats is not as easy as you thought.

Or, perhaps, you’re betting on horse runners, where you have options like each-way and rare, but not unexpected outcomes, like dead heat. The calculations suddenly become more complex.

Our fourfold calculator solves this quandary. Computing the payout and gain based on the different conditions of your fourfold acca requires only a few seconds’ work on your part.

How Does a Fourfold Bet Work?

A fourfold is a simple accumulator bet with 4 selections. The selections can be from horse racing, football, or a mixed selection from multiple sports. The combined markets form larger cumulative odds and a bigger payout. However, as with most accumulators, you need all four legs to win to earn a payout.

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